Wednesday, July 10, 2019


A reality check by mother nature near the loop as creative class boosters attempt to spin this FAIL taken down by typical Midwestern weather . . .

FOX4: Reflecting Motion at Union Station blown out by morning storm

Deets and the most precious artsy excuse we've read all year:

The exhibit is described as a mesmerizing moving sculpture in the sky, but thanks to heavy winds much of the reflective film fell to the ground.

"It takes wind to have this perform," Chief Marketing Officer of Union Station, Michael Tritt said. "To make the waves that people come out and love to see, but a little too much wind and it also performs in a very predictable way in that it comes down on it's own."

Tritt said in winds above 30 mph, the thousands of feet of rope hand hundreds of hand tied knots are meant to break apart to keep the art safe.

"From a pedestrian perspective it is broken, because it's not hanging in the air," Tritt said. "It's not broken. It's simply in it's resting position, is what I would say, and that's very legitimate. It's resting now waiting to be repaired the way it had established."

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Aahhhh, art. Whatever the fuck is in the eye of the beholder.

Tracy Thomas said...

I love the guy's choice of words. Resting position. Glad this man does not work for the NTSB in describing plane crashes.

One time in the 90's, when news stories were longer than 45 seconds, and we all got our news at 6pm, ditsy news anchor Anne Petersen on KCTV5 was trying to delicately describe a mortality. She said, "A man unsuccessfully swam the Missouri River this afternoon."

Her gobsmacked co-anchor, Steve Dawson, interrupted: "You mean, he died?"

And 'Pete' refused to acquiesce. "He was unsuccessful in crossing the river, Steve.'
Fade to Reid Black....

Anonymous said...

^^^ +100 Tracy wins today once again.