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This treatise is one of the most brilliant things ever shared with TKC and it deserves to start the day for our reader community which strives to look at BOTH sides of every issue. We may not agree with every word of this response to The Star's editorial on the high-profile resignation but the issues this essay addresses thoughtfully deserve to be considered by everyone researching this topic . . . A special thanks to the reader who selflessly spent a lot of time putting this together.



Everyone's quite familiar with the racist hypocrites populating the editorial board at this dying newspaper, owned by the McClatchy Co. of California, which itself has a racist pedigree and is financially propped up by multiple offshore funds.

Still, it's always surprising when those who actually call themselves journalists actively propagate misinformation, if not completely fabricate a story so slanted that the print version features ink running at an angle!

Dr. Dennis Carpenter, former Superintendent of the Lee's Summit School District, resigned his position this week and reportedly will receive a $750,000 buyout settlement. But the Star Editorial Board considers him a victim. He's a victim, according to the Star, because he's a person of color, just as they consider all people of color to be victims by default.

The Kansas City Star and corporate media in general operate under the protocol of racial stereotyping as the everyday norm. White population majorities are always guilty, until proven innocent, of attempting to oppress minority groups and specifically individuals of color. The media practices this reverse logic to promote their divisive liberal ideology and keep Americans separated and fighting amongst themselves. Their goal is not a united national fabric of red, white, and blue, but rather an infinite number of pigeonholes into which disparate special-interest groups may be shelved and warehoused.

And all of this is done by a media who themselves commit the very sins which they accuse others of being guilty. The Kansas City Star Editorial Board is -- wait for it -- exclusively white, save for their new member of color who was added only when it became painfully obvious that they were being mistaken as members of a JOCO golf club. Say one thing in-print/on-air and then go home at the end of the day to your safe suburban, majority white, good schools, low crime neighborhood.
But let me tell you about those evil folks in Lee's Summit (LS):

I'm told that racist white people don't hire people of color, yet the previous school board actually hired Dr. Carpenter away from the struggling Hickman Mills School District, where he had been a divisive leader and faced legal issues.

His LS contract provided a base salary of $235,000/year plus benefits. But that wasn't good enough. A frustrated Dr. Carpenter stated at one board meeting that "a black man had to work twice as hard, to get half as much" when attempting to coerce board members votes.

He could have easily served for many years, but his personality of purposeful provocation led him to repeatedly insult his employers, accuse the broad community of being racist, insult the Lee's Summit Police Department, all while aggressively pushing a pie-in-the-sky "equity plan" that had no basis for closing the achievement gap. The representative from Educational Equity Consultants confessed to the board that his team's work was "hopeful" but had no positive track-record to substantiate claims. $225/hour per consultant is obviously a scam for anyone with eyes wide open.

When he was first introduced to the district at Lee's Summit West High School, Dr. Carpenter pledged to improve communication throughout the district and take a steady-as she-goes, non-disruptive approach. He quickly broke that pledge and reverted back to his activist bomb-throwing tactics of dividing the community along racial socioeconomic lines.

Will the real Dr. Dennis Carpenter please step forward? For a man who publicly describes himself as "Believer, Husband, Father, Friend and Equity-Focused Leader" it was shocking when photos appeared on social media clearly showing him drinking and flipping the middle finger while mugging for the camera. Yet, the supposedly white racist school board accepted his excuses, held him to a lesser standard than other staff and students, and signaled that they would not hold him accountable for violations of policy, but instead continue enabling his insurgency.

Dr. Carpenter was never well-suited for the suburban LS R-7 district, having fully committed to the Pied Piper of "educational equity", going so far as to adopt the Twitter handle @EquitySupt1 .

According to one public comment from Dr. Carpenter, the number one priority in the LS R-7 needed to be "addressing racial inequity." Not, focusing on student academics, or building infrastructure, or supporting teachers, or rebuilding community trust, or prudent budgeting, but a preoccupation/obsession on all things racial. With mediation talks still on-going, Dr. Carpenter purposely threw fuel on the fire when he sent tweets out on July 15 criticizing President Trump. It was clearly a purposeful provocation, completely unnecessary unless he was trying to get fired.

"Educational equity" is similar to "global warming/climate change" in that it overly relies upon blind faith rather than measurable science. Its roots sprang forth from the ashes of discriminatory racial programs like affirmative action, quotas, set-asides, etc. By design, it's difficult to define and hard to quantify results. It requires an initial leap of faith across the chasm of logic which ordinarily protects us from quackery. Equity skeptics are told by cult members that achievement gaps are NOT the result of socioeconomic/family/personal dynamics at play in under-performing students, but rather a conspiracy of racist whites imposing their unconscious bias against the minorities.

Here are the "equity" rules if you choose to play. White people are inherently racist. White people who resist forced equity training are manifesting their inner-Nazi/KKK. By default, people of color are oppressed victims. People of color cannot be racist or hold unconscious bias, as that's an exclusive white trait. The white majority are to peacefully surrender their employment positions in the district and representation on the school board. The district's long history of excellence was a historical fluke.

Let me give examples of Dr. Carpenter violating terms in his employment contract, IMHO.

1) He's named in a LS R-7 employment discrimination lawsuit, alleged to have eliminated a woman from consideration for a post, based solely on her race.

 2) The aforementioned social media scandal whereby the Superintendent appeared to be promoting alcohol and vulgar gestures while serving as role-model for the district.

Now, let's debunk once more the media's oft-repeated false claim that racist white forces had threatened physical violence against Dr. Carpenter, resulting in the Jackson County Sheriff's office to provide round-the-clock security.

The truth was more like this, right in the middle of the contentious debate over equity training, a friend-of-a friend saw a rumor on social media that someone was going to end up at the bottom of a lake. They then spread the rumor to those supporting Dr. Carpenter. The Lee's Summit Police Department thoroughly investigated the claim, interviewed everyone connected to it, and concluded there was no basis to the claim. Sheriff Forte came running into the racial controversy, while Dr. Carpenter ran to the media knowing they would slant the story to his benefit.

From a recent Star article: "Children of color and other minority groups scored lower than their majority white counterparts in every category of the assessment test. In 2016, black students accounted for 12% of the district’s enrollment, but represented nearly 36% of the district’s suspensions. A lack of diversity on the teaching staff and disproportionate discipline of minority students all contribute to Lee’s Summit’s achievement gap."

The first 2 sentences above are fact-based, the 3rd sentence is a bald lie. This is a propaganda tactic employed by dishonest media attempting to sway gullible readers. Claiming that the Lee's Summit student achievement gap is due to a too white teaching staff and holding all students accountable for their behavior, is once again perpetuating the false claim that people of color are victims and incapable of thriving in the LS R-7. This type of pernicious stereotyping by the liberal-dominated media is one of the greatest threats to minority groups breaking free of the victimhood indoctrination and realizing their full potential. The good news? Most who've moved into the LS R-7 place a high value on education and their children are proving they can effectively compete with any other student. A high school valedictorian who happens to be black, is prima facie evidence that "educational equity training" is a rabbit hole for districts to flush funds, fracture the community, and abandon the American ideal of equality for all. Remember that equity gurus constantly reinforce the mantra that "equity is not equality."

What should happen now? Dr. Carpenter took the money and ran. Three current school board members should be offering their resignations, as they've been part of this ongoing fiasco, on the wrong side of these issues. The contract with Educational Equity Consultants should be revoked for misrepresentation. Anyone doing a cursory examination of this group will uncover serious troubling issues. The remaining 4 board members should immediately set about returning the focus to stabilizing the school district and preserving its excellent reputation. The district should be promoting from within, forgoing an unnecessary outside search for new leadership. Concentrate time and resources on educating the children and young adults, including programs to lift those who struggle. Learn your lesson, how compounded mistakes can quickly threaten the integrity of what's taken decades to build.

You decide . . . 


Another Midtown Mom said...

Fantastic reasoning, writing and research.Brilliant, actually. Well done to the writer. Post more stuff like this TKC, it's what is missing in KC media.

Anonymous said...

He played the white sjw’s for every penny they had, they deserve this for being stupid and not taking care of the kids first, nevar hire a racist, scamming black man, EVAR.

chuck said...

Brilliant comment from a TKC reader.

Progressives and the MSM, like the KC Star are afraid, because for 50 years, the accusation of racism was the silver bullet that slew the white “Racist” wolf no matter the facts. The discussion ended when the accusation was made and the conversation then centered on listening to Conservatives try to prove they are not guilty until proven innocent in any of the millions of extemporaneous Star Chambers in the street.

Trump has given whites their voices back. This TKC READER IS ONE OF THEM. Black power? The Black Caucus? Okay.

La Raza? Rhetoric promoting the irredentist cultural imperialism of an open borders agenda? Okay.

C.A.I.R. (“Some people did something…”) Okay (Nothing to see here Tommy Robinson, no grooming gangs at all, just shut up and go to jail.).

White boys need a white Huey Newton.

California, the Canary in the Coal mine, is now Hispanic. It’s Mexico. That dead canary is tea leaves any moron can and should read. Whites are more and more, an ethnic minority in their own cities and states and already are only 8% of the World’s population.

Hey! How about a nice vacation to Zimbabwe, or, South Africa where the legacy of that terrorist Nelson Mandela lives today in the National Anthem called, “Kill The Boer”. Should be fun for the whole family. Right around 5K dead white farmers killed in a genocidal paroxysm of “tolerance” South African/Baltimore style.

Ethnomasochistic whites like Byron think if they makes deals with the devil ($750,000.00 is cheap compared to the cost nationally every day.), then the devil will kill them last. Dumb-Ass white people just don’t get the tribal, identity, “Back To Blood” mentality that motivates the direction of the Democrat Party, the MSM and the Administrative Deep State today. The Devil, is interested in Blood, then proximity and exigency in a circular pattern, that circles always, “Back To Blood”.

It’s ALWAYS about power, money and sinecure. As long as the Racial Grievance Slot Machine keeps paying off, there will be a line to the one armed "Hate Whitey" bandit.

For far too long, conservatives have been cowed by accusations of racism and forced to defend uncommitted sins.

The Main Stream Media and radical, Progressive politicians who advocate for for Anti-White, Racist policies, initiatives, legislation and the entire bouillibase of “Hate Whitey” ingredients that is served up every day in the New American Zeitgeist for consumption, need to be held accountable for their destructive, divisive and pernicious actions, NOT paid off in blood money euchred out of middle class tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Well done chuck! You da man!!!

Reality Speaker said...

Second the well done!

Anonymous said...

The middle school girl who was raped at school- how could they ignore that?
He said it was not a reason he left- the way it was handled- how much money will have to be paid out?
The article was in The Star:
He leaves so much controversy behind...The Star can’t ignore that kind of leadership... but does and calls it racist.
What a bunch of nut jobs.

Anonymous said...

If I didn't know better I would have thought I was reading a story about the person known as Byron Funkhouser and not Dr. Carpenter. "Here are the "equity" rules if you choose to play. White people are inherently racist. White people who resist forced equity training are manifesting their inner-Nazi/KKK." No truer words could have 100% define the line of thinking by Funkhouser as we have all seen. Dr Carpenter and Funkhouser could sit I bet for hours on end reminiscing about all slanting of the facts they have pushed out upon the people.

Welcome to the new world where you achieve in life by lying and being awarded money you're really not entitled to. Whitey is in trouble not only from those of color but by those within who have lost touch of who they are and what they should be.

Society is quickly sliding down into the hole of hell while being lead there by those who think and move through life like Dr Carpenter, the social misfits such Funkhouser who never succeeded in life but seek to destroy it for everyone else, political leaders like Cleaver, Davids, Pelosi, Waters, Cortez and so forth who technically are not and never will be true leaders for the people but solely proponents of a pie in the sky style of living voted into office by those lacking enough common sense to see how the media is lying to them and last but not least the LGBTQ group which comprises of people who can't even accept who they are so they try to be who they are not and fail miserably at that.

Civil War is coming and it's not going to be pretty.

Anonymous said...

If they would have fired him when he did the facebook photo flipping the middle finger the school dist could have saved that money, they had cause to fire him then and didn't do it. But Lee's Summit school dist is about as corrupt and stupid as they come so it doesn't surprise me that they are out the money.
Question....Why would you hire a super who was leading a failing and violent school before?

Anonymous said...

Dr Carpenter stirred up trouble where there wasn't any. He is who he is though and the school board should have realized this. If they didn't think they had any qualified candidates, they should have promoted from within the district.

Plus why are they paying a search firm? That is a ridiculous waste of money anyway. Seek out a qualified candidate and encourage them to apply.

Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder whether the LS School Board members went to the same place as college administrators to have their backbones removed. They disgraced themselves first by hiring an obviously unsuitable person, and second by failing to stand up to him when he predictably turned into a typical educrat race hustler.

Anonymous said...

What nonsense. It's always the same old thing from MAGA idiots. No racism, no climate change, and Trump is a beyond reproach. If you want to be taken seriously, you'll have to start thinking independently first.

Super Dave said...

This is the result you see when you hire thinking diversity over most qualified. A person's race, color of their skin or gender does not always make them the best choice.

But American is quickly coming to the stance of awarding/voting people to the positions of power based more on who they are over what they know and have proved to know.

Good example here, would you want to place a 5 year old into an important position based on the fact they would be the first 5 year old to do such or would you want to put a person with real experience and a good track record instead.

The voters are the ones who allowed this mess to happen when they voted in to office the current school board members. Those board members are the one who need to come forth and apologize to the residents of Lee Summit for this fiasco. The current board members need to be replaced ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Pro tip for the retards in Lees Summit: hire a white guy who has actually accomplished something.

Anonymous said...

Diversity is very overrated

Anonymous said...

"Educational equity" is similar to "global warming/climate change" in that it overly relies upon blind faith rather than measurable science.

And yet climate change is based on measurable science. Weird.

Zaquan Maaloauf said...

The editorial board of the failed Star demonstrates the fact that the fallacy of "wisdom" is that it maxes out dependent on who happens to be the wisest person in the room. None of these people are wise . . . they are little but snake-oil salesman - rude manipulators in love with their own mirror - who traffic in the sort of idiot sound bites impressive only to those who are easily impressed.

In a healthy, vigorous society, the lower classes emulate the upper classes in trying to improve themselves and their lives. In a sick, decaying society a vulgar, violent, militant, bullying, name calling, race baiting, intolerant, enslaving, mentally deranged, low-IQ, low impulse control culture is held up as worthy of emulation.

This did not happen by accident. That said, there was no vast overarching conspiracy with detailed marching plans, but the functional effect on society is AS IF there were.

Anonymous said...

Hickman Mills School District was smart to let him go to Lee's Summit.

Anonymous said...

I have kids in the LSSD and I'm happy to see Carpenter go. He never should have been hired in the first place. But the author of this piece is clearly a right-wing loon, and certainly doesn't speak for the folks I know in the District.

Reality Speaker said...

Albert Einstein once said, mans intelligence is limited but his stupidity is infinite.

Charlie Horse said...

You just know they're lining up black men for the next super, but throwing in a token white guy just to be fair. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Charlie Horse said...

CONSULTANT = Someone who borrows your watch to tell you what time it is.

Anonymous said...

Didn't vote for Trump and didn't know what to expect when he was elected, but I'm really glad he was elected because I didn't realize how bad it had gotten in all aspects of american life

Byron Funkhouser said...

"...racist hypocrites..."

Only a racist would say this, so I stopped reading.

Anonymous said...

^^Yup and you're a racist!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how this whole fiasco was started by citizens that thought Dr. McGehee was making too much money and wanted him out. Now they have paid him to leave and 3 quarters of a million dollars to have Dr. Carpenter leave. I bet they feel that was prudent fiscal wisdom.

Anonymous said...

What is really going on has nothing at all to do with McGehee or Carpenter, its a complete failure on the part of every member of the School Board!

The residents, and especially the parents of kids I the Schools, need to be mobbing every meeting of the Board and demanding their
immediate resignations. A State-appointed Trustee can manage the District until a new election (with all present members barred from running) can be held.

Anonymous said...

That has been conducted in highly unscientific and biased ways. SO weird!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, a universal platform of Orange Man Bad is not thinking independently.

Anonymous said...

Diversity hire doing what diversity hires do. Talk big, fail miserably, attempt to bully their way out of it, and take a huge settlement just to flush their toxicity out.

Anonymous said...

Well said Chuck and to a majority of you on here. Except you Byron,fuck you!! This dipshit carpenter is exactly the result of affirmative action. Biting the hand that educated you looks so ghetto fabulous. Do you realize we have spent 1 trillion dollars via "The great society"? The only thing that it did was take blacks from a fatherless home at a 25% ratio in 1965 to a 77% ratio today. But they got those niggers to vote democratic for years as LBJ wanted and stated. If all these social programs were so great,why do we still have ghettos and an even more dumbed down and ignorant society? Even i was shocked that 12% of a district has 36% of the detentions given as the poster stated.Then again it parallels our nations crime rate of 13% of the population commiting over 50% of crimes. But i am sure whitey is at fault there too. Of course this also stems from a failure of a culture that is violent,stupid and plays victim over everything supported by a media that is more than welcome to assist. I see a huge rise in private schools in the coming years. Especially in Lees Summit.

Anonymous said...

Actually only 1 of the current board members was part of the hiring of Dr. Carpenter.

DramavilleKC said...

This is the mess that happens when you don't hire the best person for the job period.

DramavilleKC said...

I didn't realize that lawsuits and settlements are the M.O. (allegedly) of him and his wife. Wow. Unreal finding the crumbs on these two.

Anonymous said...

I have a serious question regarding all this diversity training horseshit. Is it just demanded in largely white schools or is it taught in the highly black populated inner city schools as well? It's nothing more than indoctrination of whitey should accept shitty behavior of others not like them. That and you are horrible for being white, especially you white males. Wake up America, it's easy to do when you turn off the worthless t.v. and take control of your own lives!

Anonymous said...

^^Ugh huh...hey look! Matlock's on! You love the Matlock...remember?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Zaquan/9:33, your second paragraph perfectly describes many in the "upper class" of wealth, but not moral decency!

There are plenty of them who are "uppity" and "crass"!

Anonymous said...

1:21--Knees! Buttboiz! Queer Eye! GO!!!

Springheel said...

Those who think Mcgehee is redeemed must reflect on his ideology (and the ideology that makes up public education). The "social justice" movement has two words because it us not "justice". Most teachers and the former super ascribe to this utopian communist philosophy. Having an IQ of 140 does not mean you see through its devilish fallacies. I've known simpletons who are smart enough to not be fooled by such nonsense, and I'm starting to think that foolish pride or cowardice is the biggest reason why people let Hollywood tell them what to believe. Could there really be this many idiots like Byron effhouser out there that really by the race crap ? I think most of the race baiters are fakes, and we should pretend they are not here. Just ignore them.

Anonymous said...

Carpet bagging cock sucker.