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Reading his statement in full is much better than scanning headlines. Checkit:

Congressman Cleaver Calls For Impeachment Inquiry

Today, United States Representative Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-MO) called for an impeachment inquiry and released the following statement:

“After reading Special Counsel Mueller’s redacted report and listening to his testimony, it’s clear to me that they indicate the President committed one or more instances of obstruction of justice while in office. 

When looking at the evidence presented, there is obviously enough smoke to investigate the potential fire of corruption. Congress has a constitutional responsibility to further investigate the evidence presented by the Special Counsel. Unfortunately, and to the detriment of the country, the White House continues to stonewall any and all efforts to uncover misconduct by this President. 

While I am not ready to support articles of impeachment, I am ready to use the full force of Congress to carry out subpoenas that have stalled in the courts. That means the opening of an impeachment inquiry. I have not come to this conclusion lightly or without careful consideration. However, no man or woman can be allowed to stand above the law. The day that happens is the day we fall from democracy to despotism.”


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Anonymous said...

It's about time he got on the right side of this issue. When he criticized others for talking about impeachment, he should have at least told us that he was thinking about it. But, better late than never.

Pk said...

The president's statements against members of congress should be enough to get him impeached. Would be unacceptable from any other elected official. If President Obama did that he would have been thrown out of office within weeks.

Anonymous said...

The real story here is that all of the dems are going full impeachment for their campaign. I guess it's more convincing than wanting abortions for everybody.

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for Trump's personal life.

I voted for a guy who hated the poison of politics as much as most of us.

I voted for a guy who would not take any crap and would get things done.

I voted for an imperfect guy who was perfect for the job and I'll do it again in 2020!

Outside of a few knuckleheads who keep voting Cleaver into office nobody else in this nation cares what he thinks or does because he is from Kansas City another location where crime and killings are out of control while he ignores it all sort of like that other worthless fool from Baltimore where 6 died in the streets over the weekend. Just two worthless mouth pieces that if MSM were smart would ignore till they really do something for their districts besides opening their pie holes bitching about Trump.

Anonymous said...

I am a life long Democrat who has moved to KC 10 years ago. I have spent in excess of $200,000 in City earnings and County property taxes over this period of time. My neighborhood has received zero improvements. It a single thing.
t the same time I hear that Sky didn’t try to address the murder issue in KC because he does not like the police. Maybe this is because of his son. I hope Trump calls out The KCMO murder problem. He is a bad guy but if he calls this issue out, maybe something good will come out of it.

Anonymous said...

Impeachment isn't a good play for the democrats because like it or not, Trump is pretty popular. I'm not saying this as a conservative but as someone who doesn't care either way and hasn't had their view politically skewed. Impeachment accomplishes nothing. There's no evidence of anything except that his opponents don't like him and they resort misrepresenting things to push for impeachment. Impeachment would make trump even more electable in 2020. Remember the Kavanaugh backlash and the Covington kids one? This would be that time a million. Trump will win 2020 in a bloodbath of biblical scale if they push impeachment.

If you don't like trump, i get it, but that doesn't mean impeachment is worth it. Run a campaign with better ideas then his. Quit name calling. That's what it would take. It's not surprising that Cleaver cannot do that and has to just go along with whatever he's told.

Anonymous said...

House Democrat 3rd World Banana Republic Kangaroo Court of Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and company, and of course the rabid anti-American anti-Semitic Socialist Islamist 4 horsewomen of the apocalypse hate squad :

To US Pres Donald J. Trump, we hereby find you, after a year of illicit Obama DOJ- FBI spying, wire tapping investigation of candidate then Pres-elect Trump and his campaign staff, aka "Operation Crossfire Hurricane", and 2 years of IC Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller investigation into Russian criminal conspiracy collusion and or obstruction of justice, which no evidence was found because it never happened, but lots of subjective interpretation - do hereby declare and find you "Guilty of the crime of being Not Guilty" of our false accusations of Russia Collusion, Corruption, Obstruction of Justice, because we America hating Socialist Islamist anti-Semitic Democrats hate you, hate the American people for voting for you to make America Great Economically, Financially, Militarily, and Internationally Great Again (which you have successfully done)

Anonymous said...

I'll take Manny seriously when he pays for his car wash loan.
Who spiked his geritol ? First the gavel drop, now this.

Antwan Grabacoochie said...

The only thing clear to Cleaver's constituents is that he defaulted on a loan for his failed car wash and he stuck the taxpayers to pick up the tab.

Anonymous said...

And you can tell that this is a really high priority issue for the House since they just left Washington for their August recess and won't return to work until September.
And all along the Dems know very well that impeachment will go no where in the Senate.
Impeachment, free health care for undocumented immigrants, doing away with the insurance industry, free college for everyone, open borders, and who knows what else will surface in the next debate are issues that are extremely unlikely to be successful in a presidential campaign.
The whole country isn't Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Past time for some adult supervision.

Anonymous said...

I actually believe that the President is doing a pretty decent job. Some of his commentary is off base but strengthening the borders is sound politics. Holding immigrants accountable for their behavior - also a nobel cause. Is there a lot of poverty and crime in urban areas - why test there is. His appointments have been questionable and his treatment of the Flint, MI water crisis and the South Dakota pipelines were wrong... these are the major items I disagree with Trump on. He hasn’t been all bad. Most of what people are complaining about is the fact that they just don’t like the guy because he’s not Obama. That is childish.

Anonymous said...

Every time this doofus gets the microphone he makes a total ass of himself. At the last Democratic convention he gave us his famous, hilarious "She will not be thowed". Last week, when trying to make sure Pelosi would get away with violating House rules on personal attacks, he managed to "drop the gavel" and look like a clueless nincompoop in the process.

Impeachment is a nonstarter, guys, even when articulated by Dems with way more candlepower than this fake grifter reverend. Mueller's testimony was a disaster for the left, which perfectly capped off the whole embarrassing fraud. The strategy for victory remains what it has always been: find a kitchen table issue that resonates with the voters you've spent two election cycles insulting.

Instead, what is the Democratic platform going into the election? Orange Man Super Super Bad and "Let's give illegal aliens free health care".

Trump in 2020, in a walk, because of stupid shit like this.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver, like many "moderate" Democrats, is playing to the Party's left wing for fear of an AOC-like challenge. He will talk the talk but not walk the walk. He will be in favor of an impeachment proceeding if, and only if, his seat appears to be in jeopardy from the left.

For all his sanctimonious blather, Cleaver is a man without principles.

Byron Funkhouser said...

It is not Cleaver's job to solve Kansas City's problems (Nor Cummings job to solve Baltimore's.) That is the job of your mayor & city council. The President can do more to effect change in our cities than Congressman can. He could fully fund HUD & give them a real director, for instance.

Trump is NOT popular. His approval rating has never gone above 45%. If he seems popular, it's because his supporters are vocal & bully progressives into withdrawing from the public discourse. If you went by this blog alone, you would think his approval rating is near 90%. It is not.

Trump has committed many impeachable offenses & he should be held accountable for them. The Constitution demands this course of action, & anything less would be a dereliction of duty by Congress.

And, yes, it matters that he is a despicable human being who uses Nazi Propaganda Rhetoric to attack people of color who themselves are elected representatives of the people. He's supposed to be President of all the people, not just the white people.

Anonymous said...

Well, the racist hate filled lying bastard bLIEron has gotten it all wrong again, man your stupidity never ceases to amaze.

Anonymous said...

The cleave is getting on board the impeachment train because he’s afraid Trump is gonna take all his slush fund money from the jazz district!

Anonymous said...

It's a long way from an impeachment inquiry to an impeachment, so don't get excited or get your panties in a knot.

Super Dave said...

I don't agree with what out POTUS says all the time. Hell I don't agree with Tony here all the time either. But I really honestly believe that if push came to shove you would find more agree with Trump than don't. It's just that those who don't that seem to scream the loudest seeking some sort of attention. But our President hasn't said anything that probably a good majority of the people are not saying or thinking of. Everyone has known as long as the man has been in the public eye he has a habit of speaking what's on his mind. Baltimore is a dirty nasty city far as I am concerned been there saw it and have no desire to ever go back. So to say it's a rat infested dump sounds like a rather spot on comment to me. If Trump were to say Kansas City is full of corruption I'd agree with that. If he said KCPD was a bunch of losers who can't do their jobs I'd have to agree with him once again. And the real kicker here of that comment would be the facts to prove what he said is true. How many died on the streets this weekend and will by the end of the year? Good law enforcement deters crime. How many of you are aware that you have better odds of killing someone and getting away with it than hitting a jackpot in Vegas? Think about that!

6:57 makes a good point the United States House of Representatives are all running off for a over one month long vacation. So they wanted this on the minds of their few followers and MSM to go nuts over the next app 40 days they are out of session.

This impeachment crap is what it is, crap. It is holding this country back and is tying up the house by all this wasted energy trying to impeach when in all likelihood the Senate will kill it.

Cleaver and his party in crime needs to get back to doing some real work and stop promoting the fairy tail butthurt games.

Anonymous said...

You have to feel for established Democrats. First they were absolutely sure that Clinton would win. Then they ran after the transparently fake Russia nonsense, and that wasted two years and backfired horribly. Now they are forced to back impeachment even though it's a stupid idea, because they're afraid if they don't that they'll lose the rabid woke cult and maybe a few big tech sponsors.

Lee Wood said...

Hey, half the country supports impeaching Trump.

You can't blame Cleaver for listening to what the people want!

Anonymous said...

Byron you idiot is was Cleaver's job to take care of Kansas City at one time and he sucked at doing it as bad as he is now representing it. It is the job of a congress person to represent the area they cover and to use that power to see that those who elected them are properly served in many ways more than any Mayor has the power to do.

Holy crap your stupidity amazes me from what I have been told you were also this stupid when attending Paden City High School. They sure liked Mark, but not you.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver is a wimp who doesn't know what he wants to do. He knows he hates Trump but is afraid of going after impeachment because he saw what happened to Claire.

So for our sake I hope Cleaver does what he says because that will end his career as a crooked career politician and that would be fantastic.

Oh and...Pk @5:49 Obama said and did worse things do your research.

Anonymous said...

Wrong 7:58
37 percent of adults supported beginning impeachment proceedings, while 59 percent opposed the move.

Lee Wood said...

According to who? Brietbart or Washington Times really doesn't count. But notice those numbers are still pretty large. If those people are in swing states, the President is finished come election time.

Anonymous said...

Can we reverse this? I bet impeaching Rep. Cleaver would get even more supporters.

Anonymous said...

I support my Congressman, if he weighs in on this property tax mess in Jackson County and talks some sense into Frank White. He will have the gratitude of most of Jackson County.

chuck said...

"“After reading Special Counsel Mueller’s redacted report and listening to his testimony, it’s clear to me that they indicate the President committed one or more instances of obstruction of justice while in office.

When looking at the evidence presented, there is obviously enough smoke to investigate the potential fire of corruption."

Tweeting about how pissed off you are at being called a traitor, a crime punishable by death, by the entirety of the Main Stream Media, based on false accusations of "Collusion" is NOT obstruction of justice.

The two tiered justice system, that exonerated Clinton, yet could not exonerate Trump (Who exactly is running the Department Of Exoneration anyway?), is under scrutiny.

In my opinion, you have to get out of your comfort zone and listen to the opposition (IN my case, I tune into CNN, MSNBC, I take the magazine Vanity Fair, ((It's brutal)) etc. etc.

Again, this is my opinion, but there are NO facts that these Liberal News outlets discuss, it is all emotion and "TRUMP IS BAD!!! TRUMP IS RACIST!!!"

The Russian Collusion Hoax is prima facie. All of those politicians who repeated again and again, that impeachable offenses were "Right in front of your face!" were lying their fuckin asses off. Still, the cacophony of shrill, hysterical shrieks for impeachment, based on ZERO evidence of "High Crimes And Misdemeanors" continues in the face of the unambiguated evidence that the man is nothing more than abrasive, strident, opinionated and occasionally churlish.

That ain't treason and it is a hell of a stretch thinking that those flaws are impeachment material.

This week, on Wednesday, formerly classified material will start to be released to the public, that relates to the Russian Collusion Hoax.

No matter what your political affiliation, the facts that will come to light, concerning highly stationed, biased, partisan, unelected bureaucrats, who, concocted, ex nihilo, out of whole cloth, a plot to unseat and undo the 2016 election by way of pre-meditated criminal intent and purpose, should and will, shock those on both sides, who are not willfully impercipient to objective reality.

Anonymous said...

Well done.

Anonymous said...

6:24 This city is all FULL up of DEMONcrats, thats why we have the high murder rates here, thats why the city is one of the most corrupt city governments in the nation. When you have Public saftey who are city employees who are apart of a DEMONcrat union(s) this is what you get, plus the "squad in Washington" whom they support! so next time you call 911 just know a DEMONcrat will respond to your personnal emergency, even though they refuse to respond to the countrys emergency. They get paid to respond to your personnal emergency, and they also get paid to be DEMONcrates that support their best interests.

Anonymous said...

I thought Russian collusion was when Obama gave the Russians the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine and Hillary gave Putin and the Russians all of our national security secrets with her hacked Secretary of State server she kept in her home basement.

But I guess according to Mueller; Russian collusion happens when Trump wins by a landslide in the 2016 election.

Anonymous said...

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), the patron saint of Democrats, collaborated with Josef Stalin by giving "Uncle Joe", as FDR affectionately liked to call him, all of Easter Europe plus handed over Russian refugees who Uncle Joe promptly sent to the Gulags and a slow, tortuous death. Never mind Josef Stalin and his henchmen starved and murdered 20 million Ukrainians, Polish and Russian citizens. Too bad Robert Mueller and Cleaver weren't around in 1944 at the Yalta conference to investigate FDR's Russian Collusion.

Anonymous said...

Lock! Him! Up!

Anonymous said...

Nevermind Trump is a racist, bigoted, misogynistic, bankrupt, wife-cheating, pornstar raw-dogging, never-attending-Church cafeteria Christian. Cletus and the rest of the crazed, batshit right-wingers can overlook those deplorable acts.

However, Trump obstructed justice on multiple occasions. We are a nation of rules and laws. For that, and that alone, he must considered for impeachment and a possible jail sentence once his term is completed.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Please enlighten us here Perry Mason on each individual charge you think took place?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Here you go, Cletus. Quit surfing PornHub for cuck porn and read the Mueller Report for these instances of obstruction:

* The Campaign's response to reports about Russian support for Trump.
* Conduct involving FBI Director Comey and Michael Flynn.
* The President's reaction to the continuing Russia investigation.
* The President's termination of Comey.
* The appointment of a Special Counsel and efforts to remove him.
* Efforts to curtail the Special Counsel's investigation.
* Efforts to prevent public disclosure of evidence.
* Further efforts to have the Attorney General take control of the investigation.
* Efforts to have McGahn deny that the President had ordered him to have the Special Counsel removed.
* Conduct towards Flynn and Manafort.
* Conduct involving Michael Cohen.

You did make it through grade school and can understand grown up words, right?

Anonymous said...

Not the person who asked for a list but Jesus christ that's fucking retarded because it relies on a purposeful misrepresentation of facts. Im assuming you're parroting it from somewhere since i can't imagine anyone dumb enough to pass off generalities as something concrete. Obvious you don't like the guy but being dishonest isn't the best way to attack

Anonymous said...

11:07 If Mueller and the Progressive/Democrats on Mueller's team could have indicted Trump for tearing off Mattress tags, they would have.

Mueller's investigation is in print, in GROWN UP WORDS and it does NOT recommend any legal action against Trump.

Your hoped for indictments, based on nebulous, amorphous, mind reading, like "Conduct towards Flynn and Manafort" is more hive minded fever dreams that have zero legal standing.

Firing Comey?

Everything you posted is just more hoped for MSNBC "Bombshells".

It's pathetic and so are you and the Fascist goons you support.

You wanna see criminality and some indictments? Here it comes moron.

Super Dave said...

11:07 you forgot to mention Trumps interfering with the Michael Brown case in Ferguson Mo.

Anonymous said...

11:07 Your hero Comey is going to prison.

Anonymous said...

I demand he use better soap in his carwash.

Anonymous said...

Clever only hurts the Democratic Party. He needs to keep
Quiet and out of sight. His last contribution to
KC was his influence of the renaming of The Paseo. This renaming will be reversed with an upcoming election. Clevers Black agenda was divisive when he was mayor and it still is today. I would vote opposite on just about anything this guy supports.
Yours truly, a life long Democrat...

Anonymous said...

Clever was barely able to put three coherent sentences together. Is he illiterate ?

Anonymous said...

^^ Yes. See the "She won't be thowed" comment above.

Anonymous said...


He's a FRAUD.

Anonymous said...

What do hizzoner, a JOKER who can't even run a car wash know?

Charles Whitman said...

I've wondered, more than once: when Trump wins the race in 2020, will the left still declare the 2016 results invalid, or will there be a new accusation that 2020's results are somehow invalid?

Anonymous said...

^^^ It depends if Trump cheats again.

Anonymous said...

Your delusional.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot blinded by your Trump derangment syndrome.

Anonymous said...

The Russians have attempted to interfere with our elections for 100 years, just like we interfere with elections around the world. It is an accepted fact among governments that this goes on. Grow up Trump haters. He has done more to improve our economy than tbe last 5 presidents have.

Trump 2020 bitches said...

Impeachment approval has never been above the 30s percentile, dumb fuck.

Anonymous said...

Trump will never be impeached and you libtards can cry all you want. On the other hand, Cleaver needs to keep his useless trap shut and do something useful for once in his worthless career.