We want to keep our blog community up to date on all manner of issues concerning the local discourse and right now we play just a bit of catch-up to this ongoing debate between the newspaper and this town's most prolific petitioner.

Take a peek:

Clay Chastain: Hypocritical Star awaits Federal Judge's ruling on Clay's defamation case against it

The pious-acting, hypocritical and selective Kansas City Star newspaper does not practice what it preaches.

For instance, the Star's editorial board RECENTLY admonished radio host Kevin Keitzman saying he (Keitzman), "can't talk his way out of inexcusable swipe at Reid's family." It included other well-written, well-reasoned and morally correct phrases like..."People today tend to too quickly and easily believe the worst in others," and, " While exploring America's free speech frontier, know there are still limits."

And yet, the Star newspaper (and editorial board member Melinda Henneberger) rifled the following "inexcusable," false and defamatory "swipes" towards my character in their nasty profile of me (March 25, 2019) when I was running for Mayor in the primary...

#1. I threatened Mayor Sly James and that is why the City profiled me as dangerous, put me on its "Watch List" and forced an armed security guard on me while I was at City Hall over a 3-year period - even while I was accompanied by my young daughter!!!! How could the Star write that when I have vehemently denied it and there is not one scintilla of evidence I ever threatened Mayor James or have ever threatened anyone's personal safety in my entire life!

#2. I have suffered from mental illness ("depression"). How could the Star write that when there is not one scintilla of evidence I have ever suffered any kind of mental illness in my life?

#3. I have struggled financially. How could the Star write that when I have held several engineering jobs, bought, renovated and sold 29 historical homes over a 30-year period, ran my own successful landscape and design business over another 10-year period, received full custody of my youngest daughter many years ago and just designed and built a brand new home for she and I?

#4. I am in Kansas City politics just to sue Kansas City. How could the Star write that when I devoted years of my life designing, circulating and promoting petition ballot questions to.... save Union Station from demolition, reuse Union Station as a transportation center, revitalize Penn Valley Park and improve Kansas City's public transportation system around light rail - not to mention running for Mayor several times, and even once for Congress??

The answers?? Because the Star, City Hall and the Kansas City establishment see me (a maverick conservative) and my challenging petitions as a threat to their liberal democrat-control of our City. Thus, they are out to smear my reputation among the voters who sign my petitions and vote for them. And, they will make sure I never become Mayor of Kansas City by writing false defamatory profiles like this one.

The hypocritical Star has now hired the powerful Lathrop & Gage Law firm to try and "talk their way out" of their defamatory assault on my character.

At least Mr. Keitzman apologized. The Star has never apologized to me.

And the Star should be the last one to cast stones at others given its own nasty, selective and hypocritical actions coming from the (tax-abated) glass house they occupy at 16th & McGee.

Kansas City Community Activist, Clay Chastain.

Develoipng . . .


  1. This "fight" shows just how delusional Clay really is.
    Fighting with a corpse is pointless.
    Both of these "players" are irrelevant.
    But Clay might just outlast the Star.
    And. like a locust, at least the shows up only every few years.

  2. The first two accusations might be actionable, but probably aren't. Claims by a newspaper that a person has been deemed mentally ill, or has threatened a public figure, have a better than normal chance of being deemed malicious. Doesn't matter if it comes from a columnist or an editorial board

    But, that's assuming that Chastain is telling the absolute truth here. Any evidence that he ever popped an anti-depressant would sink him, and even a veiled social-media post could be construed as "threatening."

    The Star will likely be dead (except for digital) within a year or two. Chastain would be better served to just sit back and watch the paper continue it's slow, painful, and inevitable demise

    1. I read the red star article about the watch list, and stating he was on it. Clay injected the stuff about threatening the mayor to distract from the fact he was indeed on that list. The second one, hard to prove malicious intent. Especially if it was couched under "I hope he seeks help if he needs it". That said, clay does appear to exhibit signs of diagnosable attention deficit. He constantly seeks it at any opportunity, good or bad.


  3. The red star is dead!

  4. Don't agree @6:56, McClatchy still has plenty of cash, hell, they probably still have a lot of the KC Tax Money Sly gave the Star!

    Clay may as well grab some of it before the Owners fold up shop and fire up their brand new, shiny "Communications Empire".

  5. Sorry Clay. I would have voted for you, but I really didn't see you coming into town and really running for office.

    Sadly,coming to the conclusion you're mostly talk.

  6. I'm just bored with Clay.
    didn't even read the jump section.
    Even if he's right, he's just so wrong for KCMO.
    Go home, Clay, oh wait, you already are, in Virginia.


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