In public testimony and in statements to the local media, Jackson County Executive Frank White contends that he's not allowed to intervene in property tax disputes despite an outpouring of complaints from residents.

Here's the most popular summary of his argument:

KMBC: "We can't just freeze an assessment. We can't just stop. That's what the state law says. I have to follow the state law," said Jackson County Executive Frank White.

Now, to the contrary . . .


We can even do better than a quote and offer chapter & verse proof.

From the Jackson County website: Our Charter

Article III. Section 6. Rule #9.

Here's a screencap of the mandate. As of this writing the Jackson County Executive's office has made no reference to the Missouri law of which he speaks. We'll update if any note or reference is sent our way . . .

Sadly, the testimony from Executive White hasn't met with much public scrutiny but here's this info comes to us from Courthouse insiders familiar with day-to-day operations and denounce the alleged obfuscation on behalf of the top ranking elected official.

Here's the word:

"It's time for the County Executive to do his job. There's already widespread admission that there have been errors in this process, on the record. Now it's time to man-up and start over, admit the mistake and start correcting it. He's not showing any political fortitude at this point and it doesn't seem like he understands the seriousness of the situation. This debacle could force people out of their homes and certainly erodes trust in local government to operate judiciously. It's time for the Executive to approach this situation seriously and without playing politics."

Courthouse Insiders remind us that there have been some amendments to the Charter in recent years but none of the Exec's job duties have been changed. In fact . . .

Jackson County is a FIRST CLASS Charter County and Missouri gives much wider leeway to courthouse officials on setting the rules that govern the institution.

STL has the only other 1st-class charter County government in Missouri.

A few recent links on the topic:

Newspaper: New class-action lawsuit challenges fairness of Jackson County reassessment process. This was actually reported LAST WEEK by KCTV5.

Fox4: Jackson County Executive Frank White said he's merely enforcing the laws concerning property tax assessment, which have seen attention-getting hikes in recent months. White said his hands are tied when it comes to this issue.

And so, we hope this info thanks to AWESOME COURTHOUSE INSIDERS offers more context on the statements of the Executive as this property tax increase crisis continues . . .

Developing . . .


  1. Bad argument from Frank, he thinks just because he doesn't use Google. Nobody else knows how to.

    1. #FireFrank

    2. It would be nice if the County Executive did his job but I wouldn't count on it. Unless you're talking about some time at the golf range or maybe giving away some great perks and salaries. If it doesn't benefit Frank, then he's not interested.

      I guess he thinks that people will just "get over" getting thrown out of their house or the fortune that these reassessments will cost some home owners. That's not going to happen and he will destroy any chance of being reelected if this goes on.

  2. Frank just wants other people to lose their homes, too.

  3. wow this is embarrassing

  4. "This debacle could force people out of their homes"

    Not could.. it is going to force people out of their homes. I imagine a lot of others have had it with this frosty jackass government also.

  5. What is the error you want him to correct? Over-assessments can be lowered on appeal, and regardless, he does not have the expertise to determine too high or too low on any specific assessment.

    3:26, you are assuming that the tax levy rates will remain the same. I do not think that is reasonable. I expect that they will be lowered, but by how much is anyone's guess at this point.

  6. Terrible Tax Trickery=Beware, Blight Boom7/2/19, 3:40 PM

    Sadly, if the taxes are jacked too much, some people will be able to keep their homes while forced to reduce spending. Very sadly, others will do worse, like risky borrowing to try to hold on. Badly, others will lose their homes, or sell at a disadvantaged price and at inconvenient timing. Very badly, some will go through foreclosure, then totally trash the place to show their DISGUST.

    Watch, the smart people that let their MONEY TALK! IF ABLE TO, they will CUT THEIR SPENDING BIGLY, VERY BIGLY! They will stop shopping in KCMO as much as possible. Entertainment spending will completely cease, or nearly so. Buh bye cold beer and brats at the stadiums---no going to the Chiefs and Royals! Adios pricey fun at P&L, Wasteport, the Playza, dining, casinos, and day-trips in state. Buy those occasional lottery tickets and take home liquors in other counties.

  7. How the job market for 67 year old retirees. Should I buy skinny jeans, grow a beard, a flannel shirt, and buy some horn rim glasses?

    1. ^^^ lol

      What a sham this assessment has become. Frank doesn't know what he's doing doesn't know his job and doesn't know how to go forward this is going to go badly for everyone.

  8. Time for a recall!

  9. "This debacle... certainly erodes trust in local government to operate judiciously."

    That train has left the station.

    "What is the error you want him to correct? Over-assessments can be lowered on appeal, and regardless, he does not have the expertise to determine too high or too low on any specific assessment."

    Ummmmm, 3:38. Isn't that, like his JOB????

  10. @ 3:42 PM

    Clown suit with a bow tie should get you on the short list for an interview.

  11. You heard it here 1st7/2/19, 6:07 PM

    Frank White is the new Sly James.

  12. The longer he waits the more stupid he gets, and he’s already stupid as they come.

  13. Support Kansas City Public Schools7/2/19, 6:11 PM

    It is a shame to me to see so much resistance against paying the fair share of your property taxes. Think about where this money goes. It is for the schools it is for our children it is for the future of Kansas City. That is a worthwhile investment and something that we need to think about when we criticize the assessments. More than any other money these are funds which are desperately needed and will be put to good use. Of course there are hardships and individual cases may need to be reassessed but for the most part the value of land has risen in Kansas City and the taxes need to reflect as much in order to make sure that our community libraries and schools are properly funded. For too long businesses have been granted in avoidance of these taxes and the funds that our community needs have been circumvented. Now it's time for restorative justice and I think the county executive is doing the right thing and raising the taxes.

    1. Yeah, 6:11, READ your run-on ranty sentences. Punctuation is not taught in the KCPS district, huh?7/2/19, 8:07 PM

      Nice try, Slie's minion, or one of the assorted greedy pick pockets on the gubmint payroll. You are using the same playbook that photo-op fraudster Occasional-Cortex and the disingenuous Dumbocrats are using, with claims of the meany 'Mericans' mistreating the meegrunts at the Meheekan border: "It's for the kiiiiids!"

  14. ^^^ You living in a 25 year tax abated Beacon Lane McMansion?

  15. ^^^^ What an F-ing tool.

    I was wondering when somebody was going to say something so STUPID.

    @6:11 must be from the Ward Parkway set.

  16. kctv may have reported last week that some attorney was going to file a suit, but only the star reported when that actually happened. anyone can threaten to sue, and anyone can report on the threat. doesnt mean nothing till its filed.

  17. ^^^^ Actually, there's two lawsuits.

  18. FUN TIMES!

  19. 6:11 blame sLIE James for the schools and the taxpayers getting screwed with by clown by giving all the money to the developers. That idiot Gail already got caught saying she did all this to get back at sLIE.

  20. ^^^^^Agree. 6:11 writes like gopher's illiterate twin.

  21. Let the Frank White Flight to Joco begin!

    This is the greatest boon to my home resale value in Shawnee since I fled KCMO in 1992~~due to crime on Karnes Blvd where I lived, and at 31st & Main where I officed.

    Why wait, KCMO friends? The Tivoli and Cinemark both closed, due to urban yutes struttin'four abreast.

    And it takes a humiliating birthday cake photo going viral to get ONE pothole fixed.

    The longer you wait to list your home and move to Joco, the more you will pay. Do you seriously think the county will roll back the appraisals? Even more, do you seriously think the city and other taxing entities that will set their mill levies will turn down this windfall?

    Thank you, Frank.

    You are the greatest gift to Johnson county ever.

    Admission to the Shawnee pool is half price on July 4th. Oh wait--a public swimming pool? Yep. We have 'em. And all our Aldi's have been remodelled. And none have armed guards at the door.

    KCMO--and Jackson County...a great place to visit, but you no longer want to live there. The former home of the 1%. Now just gigging people with their 1% earnings tax.

    Spruce up your home and find a realtor who specializes in RELOCATION. Because your best prospect is a USDA employee being relocated here. Cost of living in WDC is far worse than KCMO/Jackson county--they'll snap up your home and call it quaint.

    See you at the Glenwood Arts. Or Shawnee Mission Park, or the OP Arboretum. Or our public schools.

    Just one word of advice: don't drink the pool water on Thursday. Kids will be kids...

    Tracy Thomas
    co-author of Doubleday's "Right Here in River City" with Walt Bodine.

    If you are not the beneficiary of a 20 year tax abatement downtown, or the owner of a company that got a TIF plus many other gimmes, you're a sucker.

    Spruce up your home and find a realtor who specializes in relocation. Be

  22. Mr. Diversity7/2/19, 10:36 PM

    Any appeal that claims KC schools need more money, falls on deaf ears here. With over a BILLION DOLLARS AND COUNTING taken from taxpayers since the lawsuit so many years ago, the schools are still failing.

    Until the culture of the "community" most affected by lousy schools changes, and EDUCATION BECOMES VALUED, the status will remain unchanged.

    Notice who wins spelling bees and science contests across the country. Actually notice WHO DOES NOT. At this point, KCPS remains a bottomless
    money devouring rat-hole.

  23. Byron Funkhouser7/3/19, 12:36 AM

    "That's what the state law says..."

    I don't see anyone addressing this. The county charter may say he can stop it, but is he right about state law, which would trump the country charter.

    1. Put a sock in it, Midnight Rambler. This is way above your pay grade. Sit back, pour a tall one, pop a big bowl of corn, and watch the legal minds put Frank, Gail, et al, on the witless stand. Well, if the lawsuits even go that far. Anyway, their depositions should be barrels full of fun for all.

  24. "Baseball has been berry berry good to me" Government, not so much.


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