Tuesday, July 09, 2019


Last month our blog community brought FIRST NEWS on the topic of a zoning switcheroo that will turn local neighborhoods into a jigsaw nightmare of muddled storage-container-matchbox-home garbage.

Now . . .


Because this is TKC, we already know the behind the scenes on this one and think it's important to share with close readers who desire more than a handful of insider scoop . . .

An empty nest dweeb is threatening his prospective neighbors with with an EPIC tiny house tower on a sliver of land that's within spitting distances of nearby houses. The vaguely rich dude wants variances, special consideration and a booty smooch because he's gracing the urban core with his presence . . . Sadly, City Staff are more than willing to accommodate in the name of "density" and out of fear. In the suburbs of JoCo they actually maintain zoning rules but here in KCMO the laws are far more "malleable" and open to argument by way of B-list $250-per-hour lawyers. Reality: This rule change question should have never made it this far. Now, a middle-class couple and a few neighbors are desperately and naïvely counting on City Council to do the right thing as a new term is set to begin. DON'T LAUGH!!! At the very least, this struggle is important for residents to watch if only because it will prove once and for all, whether or not the zoning rules in Kansas City proper are mostly just papier-mâché.

Either way, here's a more professional summary of the argument:

Dear Council Member,

As my elected city council member, I am writing you today to express my concern and to ask that you oppose Ordinance 190506. As our city continues to grow, it is important that we maintain laws that were designed to balance the interests of neighborhoods and developers. Much of the discussion in our last election was about protecting, maintaining, and strengthening Kansas City neighborhoods.

Ordinance 190506 undermines current zoning standards and will create instability in many neighborhoods in Kansas City. I think it is important that we work to restore homes and strengthen our neighborhoods with responsible infill. I am concerned that this ordinance would incentivize people to sell off parts of their yard, tear down existing homes to build new ones, and destabilize a lot of our neighborhoods. Ordinance 190506 would eliminate the law that protects older neighborhoods and people’s reasonable expectations about what can be built.

This ordinance will affect tens of thousands of lots and every council district. Homeowners deserve to have a reasonable expectation of what can or cannot be built next to their home and that development near their home will not compromise the safety of their home. Ordinance 190506 would allow for homes to be built 2.5 feet or less away from current homes, compromising the foundation of those homes and making maintenance of those homes far more difficult and expensive.

Homeowners in our city deserve to have common sense laws in place to protect their homes and neighborhoods. Please oppose Ordinance 190506 when it comes before the city council.

Thank you

"If you are a resident of Kansas City, MO, we need you to send an email to your city council members.

(If you're not a resident of KCMO, we need you to send this to all of your friends who are) If you’re really feeling up for it, we need you to send an email to every council member of PZE (Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development). We need emails sent by end of day Wednesday to city council and end of day Tuesday to PZE, but the sooner the better.

Our last opportunity for public testimony is at the PZE meeting this Wednesday. If you are available to come to City Hall on Wednesday July 10 starting at 1:30, we need every person possible there to oppose this new ordinance change."

1st District
Scott Wagner

Heather Hall (PZE)

2nd District
Teresa Loar

Dan Fowler

3rd District
Quinton Lucas (PZE)

Jermaine Reed

4th District
Katheryn Shields (PZE)

Jolie Justus

5th District
Lee Barnes (PZE)

Alissia Canady

6th District
Scott Taylor (PZE)

Kevin McManus

Developing . . . 


Anonymous said...

Counting on the council to do the right thing is a dangerous proposition but I think in this instance Quinton Lucas & Co. would look really dumb if they stabbed everybody in the back from Downtown to Ward Parkway. I mean we could put some great tiny homes in brookside but it would make everything else virtually worthless.

Dex said...

I hope the future of KC isn't tiny home junk. But that would be one quick way around the property tax increase fiasco.

Johnston said...

Sad to say but if it screws over Kansas City residents than that means our mayor is probably all for it.

Anonymous said...

Lucas does worry me that he would be more beholden to the east side and making it worse by listening to the reverends and whatnot. The east side is still suffering the consequences of cleaver. Oh well fuck zoning, fuck laws. orange man bad

Anonymous said...

Split up KC into small lots. Thanks Sly & Frank! Looks like you've turned Kansas City into a shanty town.

Anonymous said...

Shanty City ^^ LOL!

Frank Bank said...

^^^ Have you seen some of the Northeast, they're already doing this. If you want to live next to 200 Mexicans occupying a single lot in the very near future, you might want to think about putting in an e-mail. Sorry T, but your primos need stop sleeping 12 to a bunk.

Anonymous said...

No laws apply in KC, why should zoning be any different?

Anonymous said...

Reason #237 to stay the he'll out of KC Mo.

Granger said...

Seen this trick before and it's usually a way for people to try and scam their way into neighborhoods that they can't really afford. Ward Parkway had to face the same thing in the 80s with a bunch of "new money" trying to break up the lots. It's not really affordable housing because people aren't going to build in rough neighborhoods anyway. What it is: same old Kansas City story a few people with a little bit of money one special consideration and move to the front of the line ahead of everyone else based on their political connections.

Anonymous said...

Kc gets everything wrong. This is just another instance.

Anonymous said...

I could build one real easy for $10,000 just to fuck with frank white.

Anonymous said...

Add another $2,000 and I could have an attached garage!

Anonymous said...

Hoping for "common sense laws" that protect residents' property in KCMO is truly a victory of hope over experience.
KCMO electeds are mostly empty vessels who have little interest or understanding of public policy and really even very little interest in the most basic responsibilities of municipal government.
So you can pretty much always bank on them doing whatever some insider or special interest wants them to do and rarely consider what might be actually best for the public at large.
And not everyone has the time that's needed to hang around the 22nd floor at 12th and Oak and show up over and over again until they get what they came for.
You might try electing people who actually are interested in city government and in representing their constituents, but the next time that happens in a KCMO election, it will be the FIRST time.
So just keep electing the kinds of clowns who continue to inhabit city hall and spend the next four years trying to keep track of their antics and upside-down priorities.
Hasn't worked very well so far and is unlikely to get the results you might want in the future.
It never changes.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ print this comment tkc. This is the only one I've seen make sense in years.

Super Dave said...

I'm all for tiny houses but in the correct areas with decent setbacks on the property.

Established city blocks should not be sectioned off here and there for tiny houses. taking a whole block or two and developing it for smaller homes is the right way to do it.

More people than you think want the smaller living areas with a small yard over say living in an apartment. I myself am weighing the option when I look at how much space I actually use in my home over space I have just for the benefit of others. Be easier to maintain and care for.

Tiny housing can work in any city if done correctly. Not everyone wants to live in an apartment or a 2k sq foot home either.

IDW KC said...

Dave is absolutely right, what's messed up is that that city ALREADY says that 25 foot lots are too small to build housing that doesn't conform to the rest of the block. But that's what we're talking about here. KC is always doing everything in their power to chase out residents who follow the rules.

Anonymous said...

From the postings so far you would be led to believe that these folks own property, rather than "rent" one-room basement apartments from Mommy.

Greedo said...

The wildman reads late and loves it. I think you're overestimating TKC's lifestyle. It's more like a sofa with a hot plate one one side and a bucket on the other!


Having more nightmares than nostalgia about bitty bungalows in tight rows, block after block! said...

All my school buds and our siblings couldn't get grown and out of those small Strawberry Hill homes on little lots fast enough. Kids crowded 2 and more to a bedroom was so not cool. There were some upsides to that small space urban living. Mowing, shoveling, and housekeeping chores were quickly done. And our newspaper routes didn't take long to complete those home and business deliveries.

Anonymous said...

The ordinance is not about tiny houses or affordable homes. The ordinance is being introduced by City Planning and Development to accommodate over-building a 25ft lot on the west side. It's a big expensive vertical home crammed into a narrow lot. City Planning has not been following their own zoning regulations. They got caught and now want to change the zoning code.

Size matters not said...

^^^ 25ft? That sounds pretty tiny to me!

Anonymous said...

Scott Taylor, you're our only hope!

Anonymous said...

KC has always found a way to chase off home owners. That's a shame.

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck is KC leadership so enthralled with poor, hipster trends? Just fucking stop it. I work hard AND smart. I have a home. I dont want a giant closet to live in. I have a car. I dont want a fucking street car that carries homeless people for free to my neighborhood. I pay my taxes without a tax break. I dont want to support hipsters with subsidized housing because they want to live near downtown.

Remember this...when Trump is successful, America is successful. KC...stop doing the opposite of Trump.