More than any other newsie endeavor in Kansas City, our blog community strives to champion FREE SPEECH for the Kansas City discourse.

Brief aside, we're sad to note this headline that purportedly speaks to the big picture and shouldn't be overlooked:

CNN: American pride has hit an all-time low, a poll finds

Here at TKC nothing could be further from the truth and we always use today to take stock of our vibrant and ongoing conversation.

Accordingly . . . 

Without 1st Amendment protections and people who value Independent voices in Kansas City, this blog would have been finished a long time ago.

But we don't just endure, over the past few months this blog has seen an incredible surge in readers, tips, perspectives and partnerships.

We've been doing this for more than a minute and so today we turn to our reader community that's also comprised of those who are an "old hat" at the local media scene . . .

So we ask . . .


Consider that we're using out of the box software but our blog community STILL offers a one-stop shop for better ideas, discussion and insight than any social media outlet or any other local news site wherein blocking, algorithms and sponsored content schemes ruin the conversation.

For this topic we turned to our friend Tracy Thomas who has more media wisdom than most. Tracy seems to confirm and advise a two-fold approach that we're seriously considering:

"Highlight the most astute comments. Maybe a two-tiered thing. Let the cowards of Thunderdome get their jollies, but not front and center with the same weight as the thoughtful readers.

"It will benefit your blog, and actually increase readership--because it's not the bikinis that turn people off, it's the mean-spirited anonymous trolling.

"The off topic drivel that does not add info or opinion or advance the conversation. The coarse language unfit for people who wear clean underpants every day."

As we go on and notice an uptick in sketchy election tactics even at the local level and corporate political hacks attempting to influence the TKC discourse . . . We realize that free speech doesn't mean a free for all.

This is the direction we're headed but just as we respect and prize the 1st Amendment above all else, we also value some of the better and more thoughtful commentary from hardcore readers like those checking in today.

And whilst we aggressively delete advertising spam, try to push back against bully spam and flush obvious troll spam as best we can . . . Make no mistake that more than any other "place" in this cowtown:

TKC remains the last bastion of free speech in Kansas City.

We can't take credit for this, it's mostly the work of readers, AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS and insiders who want us all to know the score behind the scenes.

But our bloggy dominance isn't good enough anymore or, at the very least, we think we can make local politics even more fun for the entire metro. We want to move the political conversation FORWARD and bring the rest of Kansas City a taste or at least an opportunity to partake in our LOVE FOR THE 1ST AMENDMENT.

And so we turn the question over to our blog community for advice about how best to push our devotion to alternative viewpoints to the next level. You decide . . .

In the meantime, this is a good place to take a pause and admire explosions of all kinds on this July Independence Day celebration 2019.


As always, thanks for reading and have a safe and fun night. We hope to see you again for the morning update that'll hopefully be sometime before midday . . . STAY TUNED!!!


  1. My suggestion is simple: Comment tag. We will enjoy the "douche" tag abundantly.

    1. Let it be, minimal changes if any. I like the way it works and I'm smart enough to scroll past the d-bags who have no humor.

      As they say T, F'em if the can't take a joke.

    2. Small suggestion here and something you can do easily. Bring back the text only site. You used to have it and I lost the link. That was a good idea for those of us who like the blog but don't want to endure the images, ads or blather.

    3. That link is somewhere in the archives, I'll go looking for it tonight. Thanks for the reminder. I'll see if it's still working and if not, you're right. That one might be useful for people without good data plans. Thanks @5:59.

    4. I know this is a "tradition" for the blog but maybe mix it up. There are a lot of way to celebrate the 4th than talking about free speech all day. Most people don't use it or value it, hell most don't even vote.

  2. Can we get a vote on banning the fake Byron Funknouser. That would improve the blog biggly.

    1. Lulz ^^^

      Actually, I don't mind Byron. His opinions remind me of how NOT to think and every once in awhile when I actually do agree with him, it causes me to check my sanity. He's like a vision test. Put more sane people into focus.

    2. Agreed. Sometimes, he's lucid....half the time, he's loony tunes.

  3. Midtown KC Chester7/4/19, 6:04 PM

    I have only one suggestion and it's the same every year:

    "More titays please."

  4. OPen the blog up to other posters, don't just pick their comments but let them have a way to post their own columns and content without moderation. THAT is real free speech!

  5. I have to agree with what Tracy says for the most part it is on the right track for cleaning things up. Half the comments made are just trolls in my opinion that are simply trying to discredit the site. As for those people like Byron many sites on say Facebook now won't let you be in their groups unless you live in the area that group is about. Even you Tony have on your site, TKC Blog Link Policy ONLY Local Bloggers: Let's Share A Conversation About Kansas City Its People!!! TKC is about those who live here and share living here. I mean come on people in St Louis or say Wichita have no clue about life around here.

    Lot more work for you to approve all posts but then in the end is it really? You have to go looking for the trolls and spam so if the trolls soon see they can't get their jollies here they will go play else where.

    And another thing would be to do away with anonymous comments you have to have a blogger account to post. You can still use a nickname or such but it makes finding the trolls and banning for good so much easier.

    1. "Half the comments made are just trolls in my opinion that are simply trying to discredit the site."

      This site was discredited a long time ago, grandpa.

  6. Don't impose a lot of restrictions, even "Captain Weird", as vapid and pointless as he is, has a right to spew his pointless crap.

  7. ^^^ And yet he doesn't - weird.

  8. Byron Funkhouser7/4/19, 6:34 PM

    Is this to be a "free speech zone" for conservatives, only?

    I am almost the only "liberal/progressive" voice on this blog.

    I prove every day that in the 21st Century, technology makes location irrelevant. I consider such comments to be a dishonest deflection; just as my being on disability is a deflection.

    You object to the liberal viewpoint.

  9. ^^^^No we just hate trolls like you

  10. Byron you came to TKC only to discredit and trash talk your brother Mark.

    Marke hasn't been Mayor for 8 years now so time for you to go home and play where you live. Life where you live and life in Kansas City are remarkably different and your views don't always reflect or support the views of the residents in this area. In fact your really clueless about life in Kansas City so you can't truthfully really chime in on it any better than those of us who live here can chime in on where you live since we really don't have a clue where you do indeed live.

    So your mission at first to come to TKC was to trash talk your brother and you have done so and since he no longer lives here nor you it is as I said earlier time for you to go play where you live and forget about us.

  11. We better contact and retain Al and Tipper Gore and channel Frank Zappa to discuss the issue of free speech.

    What are the Gores fee's these days for this type of work?

  12. Let the horrible truth about negroes be heard.

  13. Sly James Frosty Shit Hole City7/4/19, 6:55 PM

    Just turn off the comments and everything will be Frosty!


  14. it does get a little tedious scrolling down past "geezer hater"'s thousands of identical negative posts.. and ..past the people who bother to answer his posts..

  15. Come on Tony don't turn into a Steve Kraske now on us.

  16. The ascension of the Uni-Party into power is inevitable.

    Demographic change, the introduction of government dependent "citizens" (Takers) who will vote to euchre the middle class out of their cash, standing and position, will include the cessation of "Free Speech" as we know it. Those in power, parasites, elected by parasites will remove threats and thoughts that do not fit into the new heterodoxy. At first, the interpretation of the (Living Document) Constitution will be, on a soup de jour basis, what they can get away with as they assault the walls. Free Speech now, then, goodbye guns. Next up, search and seizure, all under the name of "Protecting" us from ourselves.

    War will be peace. Ignorance will be strength. Freedom will be slavery and the information you receive from the "Ministry Of Truth" will dictate the diktats you live by.

    Free Speech, is now under attack from Tech Giants who de-platform those who do not toe the Progressive line. You can get your ass kicked in Portland for even taking pictures of Antifa Brown Shirts who claim, without a hint of irony, that they are fighting "Fascists". College campuses are tightly controlled "safe spaces" where the Progressive pablum is force fed through the yet unformed Fontanelles of sanctimonious poseurs who march for justice and threaten violence in large crowds. The Progressive "Borg" populates 95% of the Main Stream Media. The emetic agitprop inundates the airwaves incessantly. On Social Media your very life, future and social standing depends on your acquiescence to the Marxist Narrative, any deviation is punished forthwith.

    Free Speech is now defined by the very arbiters that seek an end to Free Speech. To those of you who love this Hurly-Burly blog for getting to the truth of what goes on in this "dirty little town" - Morituri Te Salutant.

    I stand with you, but, we ain't got long.

    The worm turns and we are surrounded by enemies.

    You think Tony doesn't have some serious fuckin enemies?

    You think, that even now, as you read this, that the powers that be, all over this city are not looking for a weakness, a mistake, a statute, or, even a chance to enact a new statute that will tear this blog down faster than a fuckin Confederate Statue on 18th and Vine?

    Here is what will make your blog better Tony, fuckin duckin and coverin.

    Staying in business will make this blog better and that is no certain thing.

    God Bless America, what is left of her, God Bless you all and God Bless TKC.

    It's a Republic and a blog, for as long as you can keep it.

    Watch you fuckin 6 pal.

    They are comin..., sure as God's vengeance.

  17. Byron Funkhouser7/4/19, 7:06 PM

    When I first started commenting on this blog, I sent Tony an email outlining my intentions - agitate, agitate, agitate.

    That has not changed, & Mark Squitiro was only one variable in play.

    StupidDave, are you accustomed to being obeyed?

  18. More

  19. Herr Fuckhouser go away do as you been told you're a nobody, a pest, a troll.

  20. Herr Fuckhouser show respect to your brother and call him by his correct name and Super Dave as well you hater asshole

  21. Most of the posts that aren't "politically correct" are replies to mental midgets like Byron Funkhouser, Go4KC, and the "Weird" guy.

    Kick their asses out of here and we'll be able to start having some intelligent discourse around here.

  22. No one forces anyone to read Byron's screeds. Use your scrollbar. That's what I do with Chuck's posts.

  23. ^^Thats true but he's such an irritating fucking troll.

  24. Comments on this blog always have me second guessibf myself. Yet again i find myself in agreement with Chuck. Keep the fire.

  25. The human race, being a collection of stupids, continues to make decisions that imperil itself...

    Keep that in mind before you turn on comment moderation.


  26. It's too late, Portland was the last straw, and people like Byron and his ignorant parents who want to fight and stir crap.

  27. No problem with Funkhouser. He states his opinions, usually without being personally insulting. Challenge the factual support of those opinions and he goes silent.

    Big problem with Geezer Boy, who does nothing but insult others, and never posts anything of substance. He contributes nothing, ever. Block him.


  28. not Byron Fuckhouser

    When I first started looking at this blog, I sent Tony an email outlining my intentions - masturbate, masturbate, masturbate

    so, more Candace!

    1. LOL! See...this free speech thingy is so fun*.

      *(8:40's coarse language may make the Tracy types soil their clean undies)

  29. Sincerely Yours7/4/19, 9:06 PM

    Great post from Chuck. I could only add that by providing this platform for free speech, Tony has taken the road less traveled. It would be much easier for Tony to sequester himself within his ethnic group, and be a hero (celebrity ?) among "his" people. Perhaps his prominence in the metro area already has. I hope so, because (whether he believes me or not) he is a hero of mine. Anyone can regulate speech like it's a fucking third grade classroom. Instead he has made this a place for everyone. Thanks, Tony.

  30. Zach Black KC7/4/19, 9:13 PM

    Keep on rocking in thevery Free world TKC! Love the log and like what your doing with it, we can scrim past the B.S. what's more important is that we got something that isn't just the same old junk from the daily fish wrap.

  31. This is the BEST KC gossip and news page in town ... warts, retarded racists, and ignorant homophobes included. Keep it just like it is! Tony’s KC and the comment section a daily visit if you give a shit about the Kansas City metro.

  32. Why do people post comments?

    They seek to express their opinion, humor, or propaganda.

    Add a "Thumbs Up" counter on each comment. Hopefully, stupid comments will receive no feedback and the person will get the message that no one cares about their drivel and cease. On the other hand, those receiving positive feedback will be encouraged to comment more.

  33. Too many homosexuals on here. We don’t need as many as there are.

  34. And yet we need more. Weird.

  35. KC noncompliance7/4/19, 11:53 PM

    Sell the blog to the Russians. Cash out and watch the newspaper become a non profit with dnc money. Just get the rights to post an occasional column to wax philosophic about it all. Open. The comments occasionally just to keep up with all of our friends. Start a new blog with Square Space and laugh ur as off.

  36. This blog has become indispensable to being fully informed about what's going on in the KC metro. It's matured and become refined to be a major asset to our news sources. I go here first for KC metro info. I've been telling people for years that if you want to know what's happening in KC, start here. Congrats to Tony for a major achievement. You rock Tony!

  37. Best idea above, 9:29. "Thumbs Up" counter.

    Worth emphasizing by repeating:

    " Hopefully, stupid comments will receive no feedback and the person will get the message that no one cares about their drivel and cease. "

  38. RUN, FOREST, RUN!!!!7/5/19, 12:55 AM

    ^^ Yep, HR @11:58, "Thumbs Up & Down" counter is cool.
    Stupidity is subjective, though, in certain cases. Like in Cashing- In Kappy going cray crybaby over a "slave" flag on shoes that are made by child slaves in China!!!! And, get ready for the BOOM....BLOWING UP BIGLY....BARRY HAD THE "SLAVE" FLAG AT HIS 2013 INAUGURATION!!!! TWO OF THE BETSY ROSS FLAGS!!!! THEY WERE GINORMOUS AND PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED!!!!

  39. Byron Funkhouser7/5/19, 5:46 AM

    The problem with the thumbs up & down idea is that you will only find that the conservatives out number the liberals on this blog. Everyone can already see that. This is why conservatives like it: they can pretend that all intelligent people believe what they believe.

    Looking closely at the comments reveals that most of the commenters don't really want a "free speech zone". They actually want an echo chamber. The people who supported Clay Chastain, as the write in candidate for Kansas City mayor, don't have a problem with him phoning it in from Virginia, but have a problem with me commenting on a "free speech zone" from West Virginia on a private blog.

    How do you explain this? Simple; disingenuous deflection. I'm hated on ("You pissed off the wrong man, this time!"), for simply expressing majority opinions.

  40. ^^^^^Most people, including you, Byron, like an echo chamber.

  41. Clay is in his ways trying to do good for Kansas City. And I look for Clay to move to Kansas City before the next election.

    Byron you have never done anything good for Kansas City and you will not move here so your argument carries no weight as usual. TKC per your brother Mark is the only blog that hasn't banned you from posting your hate comments along with your NAZI based comments about our POTUS and people who post here. But when people do the same to you, you respond with attempts at pointing out how wrong these people are for doing what you have been doing on this blog for a long time. Yes I did meet with Social Security this past Tuesday and I handed over everything I had been collecting on you for some time. They asked a lot of questions took a lot of notes and for sure didn't blow me off but instead spent well over an hour looking at what I had and what I had to say. You can't hide your past Byron you have done and said some really terrible things about a number of people while claiming for years to being too disabled to carry on any kind of a job. You have proven beyond all doubt you could of been holding down a number of jobs that require only the minor skills that you show posting here all hours of the day all week long.

  42. Add more titty pics, it's the only thing worth looking at on this blog.

  43. With the failing KC Star's inevitable demise, Tony's is the only place to get interesting tidbits about local goings-on. Granted, sometimes the comments are crude or downright obnoxious but most at least stick to the point. However, the grandpa-geezer-weird-matlock-diaper folks NEVER add substance to the article, just try to bully others - that is what is killing this site. Make your comments about the written article, challenge anyone's point of view, but to demean someone personally is why I don't come in here often. That is NOT prohibiting free speech, it is prohibiting bullying, harassment and intimidation. Police comments that don't address the subject of the article and this site will be much better.

  44. The Bitter Truth7/5/19, 9:39 AM

    ^^ +100

    Tracy, Super Dave and Chuck all make some really great points as do some others. The thumbs up thing is too Facebookie and so very not a true reflection of the people much like a poll is.

    Byron of course thinks it's all about him and while he thinks he is expressing majority opinions he is not expressing the desires of this city. I mean come on he is only here to agitate people who in most places probably are banning him. I don't go to blogs in LA pushing Kansas City based views on them and the fool from West Virginia who has displayed more hate towards others than anyone I have ever seen on any blog feels he is doing KC a public service with his comments. KC does not need the likes of Sly James and we sure don't need the likes of a Byron Funkhouser either. Two jerks who think their opinions are what KC needs........nope, wrong, shouldn't have ever been allowed to happen. The voters are guilty for one, but you Tony are guilty of the other.

  45. Byron Funkhouser7/5/19, 2:04 PM

    6:398 "... the gainful employment to which you were trained..."

    I can earn up to $750 without losing my status.

    I still think you are a liar.

    Anyone "investigating" would look at the source material where they would see your above comment among others & see why you are doing this.

    It's like being threatened with a law suit; each threat diminishes the threat.

    This is either a "free speech zone" or it isn't. I don't need to explain myself further to an anonymous coward avoiding accountability, while demanding accountability.

    This isn't your blog, this is Tony's blog & he is committing to allow the free expression of all viewpoints.

  46. ^^^^^^^So why do you feel you have special privilege to spread your hate on here Herr Funkhouser? This isn't your blog either but at least we all it appears live here in Kansas City while you don't. I have seen much from you to lead me to believe you are a fraud Byron so I doubt it would be too hard to show anyone else such.


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