Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Time To Give Up Greitens Crackdown?!?!

The disgraced former Guv will NEVER win an office in this state for at least a decade, yet the case against him and anybody unfortunate to side with him continues . . . Here's the ongoing Missouri overkill long after most people forgot the sordid tale of the bad date that brought down a hunky politico who was already making plans for his Presidential run. Read more:

Special prosecutor named to investigate allegations of tampering by Greitens' attorneys

ST. LOUIS - Retired judge Michael Bradley was named special prosecutor Tuesday to look into allegations of tampering with a public officer against attorneys who represented former-Governor Eric Greitens in the 2018 invasion of privacy case. A special prosecutor is needed in the case because St.


Super Dave said...

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is who needs to be investigated but not by one of her parties members. Gardner abused her powers for a witch hunt and when that all falls apart she starts looking to play the victim role.

To bad a real outsider isn't brought in to investigate the whole mess.

Interesting how so far only person charged with anything came out of Garners office and that it is Gardner’s office than remains under investigation by another special prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

"The disgraced former Guv will NEVER win an office in this state for at least a decade"


Eric Greitens vs. Jason Pander

Compare and Contrast please.

Anonymous said...

Fake Republican Asshole and thief
Democrat and "really sensitive" guy.

Anonymous said...

I liked Greitens, he paid his price for being medias biggest fan while they worked hard to beat the guy down. Ya the Govenor fucked up, but it wasnt while he was Govenor, I wonder how this shame game would work if every local KC government official, including FF's where brought to light for shamefull things they have done on and off the job (mostly on the job)!!! First of all fuck the media, second of all fuck all of you who watch it and think its truth, there is big money in media and they have the same agenda Bill Clinton did underneath his desk with a young intern on the end of his small bitch nob!!