The Great Jackson County Bra Debate Cont'd

The ongoing struggle over harnesses and security persists. Check the latest chapter:

Female attorneys want clarity on JaxCo jail protocols

The fight continues between some female attorneys in Jackson County and Sheriff Darryl Forte after one woman was denied access to a client due to a bra's underwire and then had limited access because of metal loops on her sleeve.


  1. Fuck those lawyer bitches. They want equal rights like the men lawyers.

  2. I didn't care for Forte as Chief, but he is one badass Sheriff.

  3. 8:57 no they don't. The bitches want MORE rights...and they get them. Most Judges bend over backwards for the good looking ones.

  4. Most likely they wear metal in or on their clothes just to have something new to complain about. For them, it's bitch or die.


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