Sunday, July 07, 2019

The Dotte Suffers No Swimming Holes

Amenities are hard to come by in this rough & tumble section of town where resources are stretched thin and Summer fun, cooling or any semblance of the good life has been overlooked. Check this report on vacay disparity for people who don't worry about the otherwise nasty condition of public pools in even the nicest enclaves. Checkit:

Wyandotte County's lack of pools may create bigger problems

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - During the summer months, Wyandotte County residents have a difficult time finding a place to cool off. According to the county website, there's only one public pool and three spray parks for kids and families.


Anonymous said...

Clear the dirty clothes and McDonald's wrappers out of the tub and wash your kids in it if they start stinking too much for you to stand.

Anonymous said...

Sure glad Shawnee rejected the new civic center proposal otherwise it would have been used as a WYCO daycare. The kids would be welcomed with open arms in Lee's Summit.

Fair Warning said...

Compare the Dotte to Johnson county.

Johnson county has a lot of nice public swimming pools everywhere.

What does JOCO have that the Dotte doesn't?

The Dotte is full of those like Byron while JOCO is full of working people who pay taxes instead of standing around bitching with a hand held out wanting to see a check placed in it. But soon JOCO might not have such as the losers from KCK and KCMO immigrate to it and bringing their laziness, crime and trailer trash ways.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City in Clay County: Public Pool count? One
Kansas City in Platte County: Public Pool count? One

Anonymous said...

OMG, if you're going to public pools in JoCo, YOU are the equivalent of DemonRat voting trailer trash! Everyone knows it's the beautiful gated communities with secure HOA members only pools, or the pricey country club pools is where the REAL GOP friendly middle-class go.

Anonymous said...

Wyco leaders have had many aquatic options raised. They did not bother with it because hey they had Schlitterbahn. Wyco always fears managing more pools for many reasons. This goes back 3-4 mayors.