Thursday, July 11, 2019

Show-Me Taxing District Missouri Infestation

Our favorite number crunchers offer a glimpse of how local guv and consultants rig the system in order to garner cash for projects that would never meet with popular vote approval. Let's not forget that the Missouri Auditor found these kinds of districts have racked up $1-BILLION worth of debt. Read more:

Special Taxing District Map Now Available

Missourians have a new tool to track the state's numerous special sales tax districts. Last week, Missouri's Department of Revenue unveiled a map outlining the state's many special taxing jurisdictions, including transportation development districts (TDDs), community improvement districts (CIDs), and others. This map is supposed to be a step toward transparent governance.

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Anonymous said...

The strip mall that includes a restaurant needed some repairs. The landlord gets a CID so they can pocket a 1% sales tax from the restaurant. But with KCMO sales tax at over 11% for restaurants, then add another 1% for the CID, then a standard tip and your are paying 35% more than the menu price. Customers think the restaurant must be cheating them.