Friday, July 12, 2019

Show-Me Social Media Smack Down Over Conservative Censorship As Missouri Senator Hawley Stands Up For Your Drunk Uncle

Here's a glimpse at the noob Missouri politico advocating for his constituents who keep getting banned from all the cool Facebook groups. Take a look:

GOP Sen. Hawley: Tech Giants Must Quit Censoring Conservatives If They Want To Keep "Special Deal" With Government

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) spoke at the White House Social Media Summit on Thursday and warned social media giants that they have to quit discriminating against conservatives if they want to keep their "special deals" with the government. Hawley said social media giants "would love to shut us up" and conservatives must step up to stop them.


Anonymous said...

Conservatives want action on immigration, the debt, taxes, and regulations.

He makes facebook his core issue?

Hawlery is just a dumb cunt.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^He's playing for an audience of one.

Anonymous said...

But But But I want to threaten an 8 yr old little girl and I want to bash Jews and I want to call all conservatives racists, and I want to wear my t shirt that says all of my heroes killed colonizers.

I'm Sharice Davids
I'm Ilhan Omar
I'm AOC and we approve this message. We can speak but you can't.

So shut the F up 5:17 and Byron you don't even make sense idiot!

Surprised and pleased said...

Somewhat surprised and pleased with our freshman politico. There are folks in congress who never do anything (Clever Cleaver), but this guy is vigorously supporting conservatives out of the gate.

Anonymous said...

Certainly seems to be in the running for the Lindsey Graham Insanity Award.

Anonymous said...

Just another Republican running along in the dust of the Alt-Right crowd screaming "Follow Me to Glory"!

Your Beloved Leader has already outplayed you Lil' Joshie - he already held a "Press Conference" where he only invited the Loony Bin Fringe and then didn't allow any questions, even from his tame pack of worshipers.

More and more like Benito every week.