Thursday, July 11, 2019

Show-Me KCMO'S LGBT Missouri Advocate

Check this interesting profile of a rising star member of the SUPER-MINORITY MISSOURI DEMOCRATIC PARTY who might not have very much influence or control over Jeff City politics but still serves an important role in raising awareness and providing pithy quotes to MSM when constant Conservative crackdowns are enacted. Read more:

Rep. Greg Razer understands rural Missouri much better than it understands him

Kelcie McKenney The Missouri legislature recently wrapped up a session that was awful for - among others - women, LGBTQ Missourians, and Democrats. Greg Razer is two of those three. On a recent Saturday morning, he's holding a town hall to tell his constituents all about it.


Anonymous said...


Women, LGBTQ Missourians, and Democrats. Greg Razer is three for three!!!

(Yet more constant Liberal media promotion of individuals based upon their gender and/or sexual orientation. Say one thing, but do another.)

Anonymous said...

They love him in Brookside.
In Jeff City he is "that degenerate fag". (Behind his back, of course.)