Local progressives pack-it-in on Sunday in order to argue for one of the most horrific procedures known to humankind. Here's a glimpse at advocacy for an outdated, barbaric "procedure" that should have been replaced long ago with better contraception options and tech advancement . . . Sadly, there's a mass public deception by partisan hacks from BOTH that vacuum aspiration abortion is some kind of healthcare or reproductive right and not just a medieval medical atrocity that humanity has outgrown -- And anyone who argues for it has been so blinded by politics and media that they're tantamount to a zombie.


ACLU Kicks Off Events Aimed At Overturning Missouri's Abortion Ban

Supporters from across the state gathered Sunday for events aimed at gathering signatures to halt Missouri's law banning abortion after eight weeks of gestation. The law, which makes no exceptions for rape or incest, is set to take effect on Aug. 28.


  1. Byron Funkhouser7/7/19, 8:24 PM

    It's a good thing you're being an objective journalist (oh me, I have to be careful about calling people names, right?) about all of this.

    If you get pregnant, you can choose to have an abortion, because this is still a free country.

    In case you've chosen not to notice, the "Pro-Life" (snicker) people want to ban all forms of contraception, too.

    See the first comment to understand what this is really all about.

  2. How about you get pregnant ,you pay for it!

  3. Yes bLIEron, that’s why they call themselves PRO LIFE, God you’re an idiot.


  4. Exactly Obama the Great American Traitor has made people pay for abortions when it is against their faith. Hows that for a commie? But yet try and go against their treasonous ways that violated our constitution during Obama's commie reign, and that's a different story.
    Good God they are even making a big deal out of the Betsy Ross flag when it is our American flag and Betsy Ross was against slavery but according to them she sewed a racist flag. LMAO

    You want an abortion get it and pay for it yourself and then live with the consequences that you killed your son or daughter. Don't forget to wonder what kind of a child it would have been if you hadn't killed it.

  5. Hypocrite devils like BlieROB are foaming at the mouth and flapping their arms while hollering, "Kiddies in cages is inhumane. It's evil and un-American!"

    Then, while still foaming at the mouth and flapping their arms, they shout, "It's none of your business if women want to butcher their babies! It's every American woman's right!"

  6. A known fact7/7/19, 9:27 PM

    Trying to make sense from what Herr Fuckhouser says is like trying to explain to people that your shit don't stink.


    A pregnant woman is in a vehicle on her way to an abortion clinic to terminate her pregnancy. Before she gets there, a careless driver crashes into the vehicle she's traveling in, resulting in her being injured and the unborn baby's death.

    The presiding prosecutor charges the careless driver with negligent homicide for the death of the unborn baby, along with other charges related to the woman's injuries.

    If a pregnant woman has the right to kill her child with no legal repercussions, then in a case like the above, why do prosecutors consider the unborn baby's life to be as valuable as any other human life?

    (based on a real case)

  8. Ever notice such abortion "events" are held in bars, where such mistakes usually originate in the first instance?

  9. ^^No, I haven't. But then I have better things to do. You apparently don't.

  10. So why does your god kill babies inside their mothers?.....
    and make them give birth to a dead baby?

    Why does your god give babies birth defects? 'fun and games'?
    Just tell me......
    And Funkhouser is right!
    The jesusfreaks want to outlaw birth control also....that's what comes next!
    Right christians?
    Keep praying......and wasting time......
    And keep supporting the molester in the White House.......
    ......T. here
    ......I. s
    ......N. o
    ......G. od!


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