Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Show-Me Kansas City Sketchy Biz Deals Amid Increasingly Broke-Ass Missouri

An update on progress against overwhelming taxpayer subsidies . . . Or not, read more:

Taxes for Thee, But Not for Me (Part 2)

Over two years ago, Show-Me published a piece about how Missouri corporations such as Burns & McDonnell advocate for higher taxes while seeking special dispensation from paying their own.


Anonymous said...

You can thank sLIE for that, queen of the tax giveaways that punk was.

Anonymous said...

Where's the ^^ troll on this?

Hey! Hey! Hey! It's Fat (Albert) BowTie! said...

Let them eat (shit)cake! Magic BowTie gotsta have his Scotch and cigars.

Anonymous said...

Case manager came to visit.