Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Show-Me 500 New Missouri Weed Dealers!!!

Kansas City stoners now have a bevy of competition from slightly more legal colleagues who are pushing "medical" relief for anybody with migraine bad enough to bother somebody else about it. And so this dance of social niceties continues while most reasonable people now realize that marijuana is more widely available than bubble gum any any criminal offense for it is nothing but a bad joke played by the American justice system. Read more:

More than 500 applicants vie to sell legal pot in Missouri

ST. LOUIS (AP) - A retired cardiologist, an attorney with a high-profile law firm and a city councilman are among the more than 500 names on applications to sell medical marijuana in Missouri. Missouri on Tuesday released the names of those who want to sell medical marijuana and the cities where they want to open businesses to the St.

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Missouri reminds residents to bag their grass clippings!!!