Tuesday, July 09, 2019


His last days in office have proven exceptionally violent for KCMO and now Mayor Sly James lashes out in what seems like a desperate attempt to place blame.

The passioniate quote is hidden inside an otherwise important story by its own merits:

KCTV5: Gun violence in Kansas City continues to rip families apart

The important passage from a political perspective . . .


Here's the argument:

The subject (of rising homicides) came up at Tuesday’s Board of Police Commissioners meeting, too, where Mayor Sly James had strong words for state lawmakers.

“We won't have anything on this until the state pulls its head out of its ass,” James said.

James was referring to current state gun laws. which he believes allow too many firearms into the city.

“We're going to continue to lead the nation -- Kansas City and St. Louis -- in homicides until the state realizes there is a correlation between the lax or nonexistent gun laws in this state and people being injured by guns,” James said.

And so we ask . . .


Remember that Missouri CCW freedom has been a target of progressives and the Mayor for years. Meanwhile, local efforts to restrict guns have been met with a FULL STOP in GOP dominated Jeff City.

And so, the mayor's anger not only reflects legislative challenges but also frustration with Missouri voters who have consistently supported politicos who endorse a broad spectrum of gun rights.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

He have away millions to developers while KC waited to put more police on the streets. Now the crime is the fault of the Missouri GOP?

I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what percentage of legally owned firearms are responsible for the murders on KC's east side? It really is funny how liberals really do blame everyone else for municipal problems despite holding all the political power in the city for my entire lifetime.

Anonymous said...

The last blast of Hot air.

Jahleel Sparkvark said...

Very ironic SLie blaming the state for this problem when a KCFD captain was selling guns out of the back door of the fire station. Several of these guns were traced to crimes that were committed in KCMO. Would be nice if SLie would actually state the root cause of the crime problem and that is the hoodrats.

Anonymous said...

Guns are to blame for violence but the complete absence of father's supporting their children is not? If he wants a correlation look at the percentage of single mothers and the crime rate. Sly isn't stupid, he knows this is true but he can never admit it since it doesn't fit into the package spouted by the area politicians.

Anonymous said...

His message was garbled because his head was in his ass when he spoke. The right to bear arms is in the Missouri Constitution in much stronger terms than in the federal version. So there is little that the legislature can do to limit lawful possession of firearms.

Here's something that would work: stop and frisk. Here's something else: racial profiling in traffic stops. Wonder what Sly thinks about those?

Anonymous said...

“Gun violence in Kansas City continues to rip families apart”

Umm, no, the murderous black does.

sLIE needs to face his people head on and put the blame squarely on them. As for fatherless yutes, you can blame baby momma for that, she can’t have a baby daddy around and collect thousands of dollars a month, free medical and housing if “he’s” around.

Super Dave said...

Sly grasping for straws in his failure to be a strong and proper leader for the black race here in Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tony: Missouri's gun laws were just as lax back in 2014 as they are today, but in calendar year 2014 we had 82 homicides for the year; as of today (July 9, 2019) we are at 69 homicides for 2019. We are not going to solve the city's crime problems until the local political class stops pretending to believe that the cause is the lax gun laws in Missouri. Sincerely, Ernest Evans

Anonymous said...

Sly will be remembered, if at all, as the murder Mayor, an ambulance chaser far out of his depth when called upon to serve anyone but his developer masters. His staggering incompetence on this issue and many others--and his total lack of the maturity necessary to take responsibility--are the reasons for this late-breaking, squeaky little outburst.

Go away, Sly. We've had way more than enough.

Anonymous said...


chuck said...

ANYONE who can fog a mirror and hasn't had a lobotomy knows that shiny new gun laws will in no way, keep black people from "Leading The League" in murder, rape and robbery with the assistance of ordnance.

Criminals don't care about gun laws and the ONLY people who will turn in their guns, or, obey new gun laws, are law abiding citizens. Not one Gangbanger's life will be spared by way of Legislation, or Progressive initiatives designed to make us all "Feel Good" short term and disarm us long term.

For THAT is what Progressives really want.

The attacks on Free Speech, the 4th Amendment and of course, the most important attack, the assault on the 2nd Amendment. Totalitarian control of the coming Uni-Party is assured by way of demographic change. It's coming, sure as God's Vengeance. The only Heckler & Koch hold up, is the surfeit of Sigs and other guns in the millions, safely ensconced in closets all over America.

In Hong Kong, last month, the Chinese rolled out an "Extradition" law that would send 'criminals' back to the mainland for prosecution. Chaos ensued. A whole hell of a lot more than "chaos" would have erupted if the Chines had GUNS to fight the Chi-Coms.

The Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto held out for months with small arms, bricks and sticks. Who knows how long they could have survived with some real time bad ass fire arms.

Now, Progressives are dressing up their demands for Gun Control in rhetoric that is designed to - as usual, make whitey feel guilty.

It's a fuckin lie and they are now, as they have been and always will be, "You can keep your doctor" LIARS.

As always it's about power, money and control and that 22 plinker you keep on the shelf scares the shit out of them.

The day the guns go, is the day Liberty dies forever.

Anonymous said...

Sly is being true to his self-absorbed clown image to the very end.
Public education;
Minimum wage;
State statutes;
Climate change;
Arts programs.
Sly's there "leading" the way.
But when it comes to taxes, infrastructure, planning and zoning, responsible municipal spending, setting serious priorities, public safety, and all the rest of the issues that immediately affect people's lives every day and that he is RESPONSIBLE for and might actually BE ABLE TO DO something about?
Boring and too much work.
And Lucas has already shown he's every bit as much a mealy mouth on the source of the violence in KCMO as Sly and all the rest.
Headed for 150+ murders again this year with no serious efforts by the electeds and continued ZERO leadership in the black community.

Anonymous said...

Gun laws are working well for Chicago!

Saint Swallow-well said...

I see on channel 4 that many attendees to Sly's press conference were wearing "bow ties" to "honor" this dipshit of a mayor as he departs from his failed office.

How stupid is that?

Anonymous said...

I blast Sly James for being the all time dumbest and most destructive mayor in the city's history.

Anonymous said...

Luckily this fat turd has been flushed and is just making a last swirl around the bowl thinking anyone cares what it says. Farewell fat turd, now go float with your friends down Flush Creek.

Anonymous said...

^^^ well said my friend! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I’m a law abiding gun owner. I will never surrender my rights or guns to anyone .

Anonymous said...

Slime can’t pull his head of his arse because he’s 100% arse

Anonymous said...

Let’s see are there guns north of the river, yep, are there guns in blue springs, yep. Are there guns in Lee’s summit, yep. Do these places have a murder problem? NO. So what is the problem with Kansas City and St. Louis inner cities I wonder?

Anonymous said...

8:44 nails it. The homicide count has nothing to do with the number of guns in an area but the type of people who have those guns. Most blacks simply cannot function in a civilized world. Violence is just part of their culture. Ban guns and see how quickly murders by other weapons skyrocket.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Rocks the Block! Brandsmart Ruled !

https://www.foxnews.com/us/philadelphia-walgreens-looting-surveillance-video said...

Is why we are keeping our guns Mr. Mayor. Because your filthy "bruthas" are crazed animals.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell Sly your home boys don't really care about your silly ass thoughts or theories. Maybe if you just make one of your stupid laws that blacks aren't allowed to have a gun at least the shootings would go down 80%.

Anonymous said...

Correction... Mr. Slick, guns and the City’s unnecessary use of eminent domain continues to rip families and neighborhoods apart. This fool. Glad to see him leave.... hopefully he’ll enjoy a massive heart attack and fade away. The evil he’s undertaken is unrelenting and far reaching. Meanwhile, the average White person thinks he’s done an excellent job. I wish I could agree but I cannot.