Rock Chalk Pause For STRETCH In Lawrence

A bit of strategizing revealed from this longtime favorite artist and entrepreneur:

"Jeffrey “Stretch” Rumaner said he plans to reopen the restaurant in late summer or early fall after revamping the concept and bringing in a local management team. In the post, Rumaner indicated that he’s figured out that the formula for a successful restaurant in Kansas City — he owns two in K.C./Johnson County — is different than in Lawrence."

Also, the FEAR of Lawrence turning into KC is worth considering beyond the topic of pizza . . .

Town Talk | Downtown Grinders restaurant closes, but vows to reopen with new vibe . . .

If you want to scare a significant portion of the Lawrence population, tell them their city is beginning to look like Kansas City. That has been an attitude for a long time in Lawrence, and perhaps it has played a role in the recent closing of a downtown restaurant.


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