Thursday, July 25, 2019

Rebuilding Kansas City West Plaza

An old school project to save this neighborhood from a threat other than Country Club runoff crime . . . Checkit:

Residents Rebuild in West Plaza After 1962 Gas Main Explosion

A fiery explosion that leveled 11 homes and damaged 17 was not enough to drive away residents of the West Plaza neighborhood in 1962. The whole city was shocked by the story that year, with headlines detailing the devastating blast and the lingering impact on the lives of the impacted families.


Anonymous said...

The millionaire flippers, bankers, and builders are in the process of booting out everyone (little people) in this neighborhood and making it their own.

Used to be a fairly nice and stable working class hood at one time.

Anonymous said...

Most of those flippers are from California and are drug lords. Better keep them out or our city will end up like their cities.

Anonymous said...

^^and judging from that worthless post, you're a pants-shitting geezer who doesn't have much time left. Here's a clue, find something meaningful to do with what's left of your miserable existence.

Anonymous said...

Just another X-Neighborhood where gaudy million dollar boxes are popping up next to $95K bungalows.