Rain Ruined Kansas City Riverfest But Taxpayers Will Keep Paying For The Party

Fireworks didn't start until around 10:30 and most unaffiliated social media reports indicate it was a muddy mess.

However, because this festival has no less than 500 consultants, city workers and future board & commission members on the payroll . . . The illusion of success was secured and even pushed forward by the local news.

And so here's the local mud hole propaganda brought to us by the same MSM infrastructure which allowed the American public forget that U.S. troops are approaching 20 years of ongoing conflict in Afghanistan with no end in sight.

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Despite rain, thousands celebrate 4th of July at RiverFest

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Despite gray skies and occasional drizzling, tens of thousands of spectators took in the Fourth of July festivities at Berkley Riverfront for the 14th annual KC RiverFest. Last-minute showers, however, delayed the grand finale by about 40 minutes, causing many to leave before the fireworks display.


  1. This event like many in this town was all wet.

  2. Sill better than OPEN SPACES or another Gay Pride Parade.


  3. No one goes there because of Nazi people like Byron looking for a fight or to hurt or kill someone. Not that many people were there.

  4. How many attendees were there on free tickets?

  5. Q: Have all the consultants been paid by the taxpayers?
    A: Yes.
    Then this is yet another event that's a big big success!
    Anyone else with a grandiose idea and wants to buy a new car?
    Then come on down to 12th and Oak!
    In KCMO it never changes.


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