Propaganda Touts New KCI Public Art After EPIC Fountain Promised Now Kaput

Voters were sold EPIC images of an amazing techno waterfall for the new airport that would emerge from the ceiling and remind visitors that Kansas City is the "City Of Fountains" with nearly as many public cascades as Rome.

Sadly, those pix have disappeared from more recent New KCI drawings and construction is moving along a lot slower than anticipated.

In the meantime, here's public radio running a distraction and promising local artists big bucks to paint toilets. Take a look:

Here's What $5 Million In Public Art At KCI's New Terminal Could Look Like


  1. Won't be anything here looking as good as these examples, because they'll probably hire local "artists", so everything will look like a Hallmark Card.

    That's what our "artists" train for, and so far it's been their highest achievements.

  2. Once again the taxpayers of Kansas City have been sold not only a bill of goods but what will turn out to be one huge ass sucking money pit or AKA White Elephant.

  3. ^^^ Pretty much agree, @10:15, except some of the local art looks like a Hallmark Card and an Erector Set had a baby, then someone dropped it before it was displayed.

    Careful though, Tracey might be awake this early.


    Despite the advisory that "you can't take it with you" KCMO City Hall crams excessive baggage wherever they go!!!

  5. The art will probably outlive the terminal. It's just one massive gust front away from tinker toys in a hurricane.

  6. Geezers, gays, and little girls "going" in the Barryrooms! FUBAR!7/6/19, 11:51 AM

    Surely, this cowtown will be on trend with all access Barry BathHouses at KCI. You know, no more separate signs printed with "Men" and "Women", but all the symbols together on one sign.

  7. By the time this fiasco is over, the cost will end up being over $2 billion and the building will be lucky to have a roof.
    Where's Jolie's expertise and knowledge when you need it?
    Truly unbelievable!

  8. A giant fountain titled: "Drowning In Debt" sounds about right!7/6/19, 12:10 PM

    But, but Killa Shitty needs a signature fountain at their mega-mortgaged single terminal! KCPL will welcome the added profit from payments for showy lights and continually running pumps. The fountain feature would provide employment for maintenance crews, who'll likely be the second jobs for those trying to pay their raises property taxes.

  9. What part of this terminal will the smoke and mirrors room be in?

  10. When will we see an actual drawing of the airport? Will they evar get past these cheap renderings? You’d a thunk the nearly $200,000,000 we’ve already given Edgemoor we’d a saw something at least slightly impressive by now, guessing.


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