Friday, July 12, 2019

Problem Solved On Paper: Show-Me Lobbyist Gift Good Times Shut Down In Missouri?!?!

The good times continue but the quid pro quo is now even harder to track.

On the bright side, looking at receipts no longer qualifies as journalism. Take a look:

Since Voters Approved A $5 Cap On Gifts, Lobbyist Spending On Missouri Lawmakers Dropped 94%

Beyoncé tickets. Pricey steak dinners. Royals games. Lobbyists used to be able to spend thousands in an effort to influence Missouri lawmakers. Voters approved a $5 dollar limit on gifts for lawmakers in November. A KCUR analysis of data released this month by the Missouri Ethics Commission shows there's been a 94% decrease in spending from the 2019 to 2018 legislative session.


Anonymous said...

Be honest...
"DISCLOSED Lobbyist's gifts have dropped 94%".
We can't stifle the Rich buying Legislators, that would restrict their "freedom of speech" thanks to the Conservative Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

The handing out of gifts to MO state politicians and high ranking officials has been a no no for many years but it goes on. I, personally, myself, have delivered tidings of joy at Christmas time to many higher ups in the MDOT and a few select others to their homes during the day. The wife's know the game as they smile and take the gift and wish you a Merry Christmas. You can bet those gifts were never disclosed. I can also remember the time when some of those higher up with buying power would hand you one of their business cards and on the back was their home address if you by chance ever wanted to drop something off.
But for me it was fun, got to be out of the office for three days straight making deliveries all over the great state of Missouri.