Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Petite Democratic Party Contender Loves Kansas City Tiny Homes For Veterans

Glowing praise for a local project and actually a local visit more productive and authentic than every politico showing up and doing a presser at a BBQ joint. Read more:

After Visit To Kansas City, Buttigieg Pledges To Spread The Word About Tiny Houses For Veterans

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said the Kansas City-based Veterans Community Project is "deeply impressive" during a campaign visit Wednesday morning. The nonprofit offers a range of veteran services, including temporary housing assistance. "I'm going to be sharing this story everywhere I go," he said after touring the VCP Village, where homeless veterans can live temporarily in a "tiny house."


Super Dave said...

If you build them the people will come to live in them.

Anonymous said...

Stupid liars. democrats hate vets this is their way of rubbing shit in their faces and then turn on them just like they have turned on this Country!

Anonymous said...


When Quinton followed Pete out of the tiny house closet, there was electricity in the air!!!