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Missouri woman arrested after opening fire in DMV parking lot, reportedly due to impatience

A Missouri woman was arrested Tuesday morning for allegedly firing a gun in the parking lot of a Kansas City DMV after witnesses say she became impatient due to the long lines. Officers with the Platte County Sheriff's Office and the Kansa City Police Department responded to the Parkville Department of Motor Vehicles on Cosby Rd.


  1. I mean, what she did was wrong, but I get where she's coming from. DMV waits are fucking terrible

  2. Should have just bought fake temp tags like the rest of the low lifes.

  3. Nobody likes to go to the DMV. Still this fat cow had no right to go all Rambo shooting off a gun because she felt like she was too important to wait her fucking turn like everyone else has to do. She's probably some batshit crazy nutcase like Herr Fuckhouser is.

  4. That's not that bad a DMV really.

  5. I'm due for a visit to the DMV next week for my driver's license renewal. I may instead go to the ER and request to be euthanized instead. Maybe if the guv had to pay us to stand in line for hours things would speed up.

  6. Ill quote Chris rock; “she shouldnt have done it, but i understand”.

  7. Byron Funkhouser7/10/19, 4:43 PM

    1:07 if you're going to be trolling me non-stop, then you need to be honest about why.

    You started this shtick when I posted a comment about reparations. Therefore, I will post it again.


    In America, in the bad old days you long for (MAGA), when considering Americans, one drop of black blood meant that you were black, but when considering Europeans, it seems that one drop of white blood meant you were white.

    Arturo Alfonso Schomburg (January 24, 1874 – June 10, 1938) discovered that Beethoven was mulatto, Pushkin was mulatto, Dumas was mulatto, among others.

    When our ancestors suppressed knowledge of black history, not only did it mean that they didn't know, but that most of us didn't know, either. So, when you say that they didn't accomplish anything, you are being ignorant.

    Reparations is, indeed, about more than just slavery (see 11:19), it's about the whole systemic oppression of black history, black culture & black pride.

  8. ^^^^ nobody cares about your warped and bent up opinion bLIEron, seriously, nobody gives a fuck about you, go away and mind your own business

  9. Byron Funkhouser7/10/19, 4:58 PM

    ^^That isn't true.

    You are not everyone, but you are "nobody".

    If you don't want me to comment, then don't invite me to comment by trolling me.

    Do you have a learning disability?

  10. Nobody has invited you to do shit Herr Fuckhouser and it's you trolling us not us trolling you. We are not the ones who come looking for you to say idiotic stupid things it is you coming here looking to see if anyone has mentioned you or referred to you.

    Or you post something totally false and a lie as you're famous for doing since you're a pathological liar knowing someone will point you out for the freak of nature you are.

    You think you're God's gift to being the righteous one on the internet and all it has gotten you is banned from one site after another and to bad Tony doesn't do the same to you as it would be a huge first step in cleaning up the bad comments on here.

  11. Herr Fuckhouser has been told by many to go away and stay gone.

    Thats the post where Byron declared war.


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