Sunday, July 21, 2019

Overland Park Catholic Priest Considers Bad Hombres Vs. Entertaining Angels

An apropos and alternative missive on the topic of how people of faith should consider outsiders . . . It's also worth considering that, just like the population of rural Kansas, only growth for The Church has come by way of Latino migrants . . .

By welcoming strangers, was Abraham 'entertaining angels'?


Anonymous said...

If they looked like the top photo, I'd be excited about them visiting me in the desert too!

But what was Abe doing with cattle in a desert?
Just another "Biblical Mystery", like "who would ever believe this stuff"!

Anonymous said...

Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Just look around. God's done a great job. Riiiiigggghhhhttt

Anonymous said...

God has indeed done more than a "great job". It's humankind who can't get their act together.

Anonymous said...

Mothee mary was jewish. Roman Catholic church didnt start till 300 years after her death. Romans killed her sons. Nazi germany was catholic lutheran. Really think she is a mediator between roman catholics and god? No. She cant hear your prayers or chants.

Barry's published bio is bogus, and the real bio is buried!!! said...

Hmmmm....@12:53, so, you say that biographical information from a couple thousand years ago can be sketchy, huh. Same as that half-Kenyan, supposedly born to a Kansas-raised caucasian mothee!

Question: Is a mothee a combination mother and momee?