No Trouble For Tyreek Hill?!?!

An important consideration given that the Kansas City Chiefs footballer was NEVER CHARGED OR CONVICTED OF ANYTHING and the most evidence against him was a sleazy recording of a fight with his lady friend. Take a look:

Is it possible that Tyreek Hill serves no suspension at all?

Tyreek Hill might just end up back where he began the offseason if the latest reports are true coming from 810 Sports and Tim Grunhard. On Monday, reports from "high-ranking" persons with the Kansas City Chiefs spread the expectation that wide receiver Tyreek Hill might not serve any suspension at all.


  1. Oh it's possible he won't but be a very stupid move to make allowing him to stay in KC.


  2. EEEEEK Tyreek His mother needs to be bitch slapped.

  3. Suspension? Suspension for what?

    It was a total witch hunt. Months and months of investigation and the prosecutor couldn't prove a crime. Couldn't even file a charge.

    No abuse, no collusion, no obstruction. Total exoneration.

  4. Byron Funkhouser7/8/19, 9:52 PM

    A boy, in the presence of a man & a woman, suffers a broken arm.

    If he weren't a VIP he'd already be in jail.

  5. yes sir! CHEEEETAH

  6. The little niglet must have twisted his own arm.

  7. 9:52, if you have facts showing how they boy's arm got broken, and that it was done "in the presence" of Hill and his wacko golddigger girlfriend, please contact the cops.

    You are often given an opportunity on this site to back up your ravings with evidence. I don't remember a single time you were able to do so.

  8. Thats easy to explain 8:16. Herr Fuckhouser is a pathological liar.

  9. Think we can all agree with Byron that Black men should be suspended from work because of hearsay made by white people

  10. ^^^^^Yup that's what Herr Fuckhouser said.


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