More2 Hotline Targets KCK Po-Po Misdeeds

A more detailed report about a litany of complaint and some documented cases of corruption against this embattled local police department. Here's the effort to find more complaints:

Local group sets up hotline to report police abuse

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- Activists, church leaders, members of the More Squared Social Justice Organization, and family members of alleged victims are canvasing a neighborhood, telling them about a new hotline they said the city and police department should have set up a long time ago.


  1. How bout we get more2 to setup a hotline for the kolored peoples misdeeds? The popo aren’t the problem, the koloreds are.

  2. Kck City Hall does not care. They cover each other. This makes them laugh.

  3. ^^^very true
    God Bless More2 for their bravery and sacrifice to stand up against the systematic racism and disregard for the law that plagues KCKPD. United we stand! Fight the power! Boo-ya! Get those bad cops outta there! Starting with Chief Z!!!!!!!


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