Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Hates Tech And Social Media Most Of All

The Missouri frosh politicos is making a rep for challenging Internets bias and teach company practices, here's a better news source than local orgs offering a glimpse at his growing reputation for Internets push back. Take a look:

The Republican lawmaker rattling Silicon Valley

Josh Hawley arrived in the Senate this year as a conquering hero for Republicans after wresting a Democratic-held seat on a platform of religious liberty, low taxes and fights against "Washington overreach." Six months later, the former Missouri attorney general's emergence as the chamber's most relentless adversary of the tech industry has placed him at the center of a curious coalition of Democrats and Trump allies.


  1. Josh is about four bulbs short of a marquee.

  2. Hawley is an incredibly dumb cunt.

  3. Sen. Hawley is not against social media, he is against the biased censorship of the social media oligarchy.


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