Thursday, July 18, 2019

Missouri GOP Joins Social Justice Fight?!?!

Not really, this article is mostly spin and the Guv. updating antiquated laws that nobody like and coming to the realization that the sketchy private prison biz isn't good for Missouri's economy in the long run.

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'Saying No Is Not The Answer': The Reasons Driving Missouri Republicans' Shift On Criminal Justice

Before Kenneth Wilson became a Missouri House member, he worked his way up the ranks in the Platte County Sheriff's Office. It was there, he said, his view of crime went from "bad guys go to jail" to seeing dads lose their jobs because they were jailed for not being able to pay child support.


Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense to jail a dad for not paying child support and let murderous blacks off on probation, killa shitty and shitty Louis lead the pack in stupidity.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet they don't. You do. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Damn it, @6:54, you put me in a dilemma!

I sure as hell don't want to admit that "El Wierdo" is ever correct with his "cut-and-paste" horseshit, but your post does put you in contention for leader of the pack when it comes to stupidity.