Sunday, July 21, 2019

Missouri Dentists Might Lose Oxy Prescription Power As Opioid Fight Leaves Patients In Pain

Taking away pill popper power from local dentists isn't news, but this READER SUGGESTED report offers a glimpse at the danger confronted by non-addicts in the latest drug war battle:

America's War on Pain Pills Is Killing Addicts and Leaving Patients in Agony

Opioids Craig, a middle-aged banking consultant who was on his school's lacrosse team in college and played professionally for half a dozen years after graduating, began developing back problems in his early 30s. "Degenerative disc disease runs in my family, and the constant pounding on AstroTurf probably did not help," he says.


Anonymous said...

Not related to the dentist but I had out patient surgery and it was very painful, the doc asked me if I wanted pain meds and I told them five would probably do and they said you get the full prescription or none at all, 40 pills is what they gave me, I used one and did not like it so I quit using them, five would have been plenty though if I did keep using them. Maybe some common sense in issuing drugs would be a better alternative.

Anonymous said...

This article is trying to sell: people with bad enough pre-exiting problems become the problem drug abusers. Uh, yeah. Big surprise, huh?
And, drug addicts aren't alone in having addiction. It seems there are plenty of drug makers, doctors, and dealers feeding their respective "addictions". The addictions are: PROFITS and JOB SECURITY for Big Pharma, physicians, rehab counselors, and the dealers. Oxy manufacturing and resulting use may be going down, because there's the new-generation of its replacement on it's way, or already here, no doubt.

So, keep experimenting, and cut the OXY off! I suppose it's getting replaced by the medical marijuana/CBD new economy, for some PAIN sufferers. Loads of them will become addicts.

Oh well, perhaps our nation's agri-biz will supply the bulk of pain meds if we get the mm/CBD manufacturing widened BIGLY! We import too many perscribed and OTC meds now from Mexico and Asian nations.

Anonymous said...

My wife's continuing struggle with back pain always run's into the fear of the Doctors who are afraid to give her pain meds that actually work at the dosages she needs. She has never been in any danger of addiction because when the pain is this bad, that almost never happens. I wish to idiots in Law Enforcement and the previous commenters would leave people alone and let the patient and the physician decide what is best. Cleary the previous commenter have not suffered severe chronic pain. They prefer to live in their ignorance.