Measles Coming Soon To Kansas

Blame the undocumented immigrants or anti-vaxx housewives, either way . . . Or both. Here's a preview of sickness that's spreading across the nation and soon to make an impact locally. Read more:

Measles likely to come to Kansas, amid outbreak

The national measles outbreak has not hit Kansas yet, but it has come close with cases reported in neighboring states.


  1. Been livin in a third world shitty the last 8 yrs. Now we be gettin' a whole 3rd world country. Thanks dems.

  2. Byron Funkhouser7/7/19, 8:28 PM

    ^^It's not the immigrants, sweetheart, it's the right wing anti-vaxers.

    1. Right wing?! WRONG! Try some real research, and quit getting pimped by Fakebook and the other groupthink tech giants.


      "The Complex Ethical Codes of Anti-Vaxxers"/by Thom Jacobs/February 6 2019

      Introduction: "New research finds that vaccine skeptics possess an unusual mix of ethical beliefs that defy the traditional left-right divide."


  3. Measles???? Send it over to Sharice Davids!

  4. No Herr Fuckhouser its assholes like you who think the government has no right to tell you to get a measles vaccine. It's you leftists deranged losers who fight against it. But what do you expect from a group of people who think allowing abortions are good for the country.

  5. Funky @8:28, those Crazyfornia (and other left coast) parents who refuse to allow vax for their kids aren't right wing. And, major anti-vaxxer proponents--Jenny McCarthy, Robert Kennedy, Jr., and Robert DeNiro--are not right-wing. But, you, bLEFTron, are a ding-a-ling!

  6. Illegal invaders are in fact bringing measles, small pox , influenza , body lice , scabies , mumps , STDs in addition to the crimes of rape , murder , assault! The brain-dead liberals want to allow more of these festering illegal aliens in and give them free hesitate , housing and voting rights ! MAGA , SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT, vote the anti - American Democrats out of office for good , MAGA & MAGA IN 2020 !

  7. ^^^^^ Nope, mostly dumb whites. Sorry bitch, looks at the stats. Weird.

  8. Above position is the dumbest bitch , read the reports from the CDC , Texas health department and Arizona health department , they all confirm that those disease's are brought to the USA by the festering illegal parasite!¡!!

  9. 1:48 is that 24/7 troll Brown-Nose Full-Of-Shit. He is here round-the-clock because he's a dumb white bitch-boy with no other blogs that will allow his garbage.

  10. ^^and you're nothing more than a pants-shitting geezer. Sit down Karen!


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