Sunday, July 28, 2019

Local 'Heal Thyself' Inspiration

This story has been making the rounds this weekend but we wanted to share THE BEST ACCOUNT that offers more detail on a medical journey that contradicted doctors first look but ultimately proved successful.


This college dropout was bedridden for 11 years. Then he invented a surgery and cured himself

Doug Lindsay was starting his senior year in college when he was stricken by a mysterious illness. Doctors were baffled. He eventually realized that if he wanted his life back, he'd have to do it himself.


Tracy Thomas said...

Good positive story.
But Tony, I saw what you did there. Was this just your secret way of having the video then lead to the CNN loop of dreary Nadler and Jake Tapper going on and on and on about impeachment?!

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^Saving the country from a wanna be dictator, & doing their constitutional duty by bringing impeachment charges is not dreary.