LGBTQ Pride Picnic Debuts In Lenexa, KS

Apparently, the Golden Ghetto is growing increasingly tolerant and open to diverse communities as this chow down earns media celebration whilst some suburbanites seem to choke on the growing thrust for a broadening of equal rights protections. Take a peek:

LGBTQ Groups In Johnson County, Kansas, Host First Picnic With Lots Of Pride

On Sunday, LGBTQ organizations hosted the first pride picnic in Johnson County, Kansas, in a large pavilion at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park in Lenexa. Lori McGee, of Overland Park, sat on a blanket in the grass near a bubble machine, with her nine-month-old daughter, Ellie.


  1. Thems fags is everywhere !

  2. So when is the normal peoples, First We are Normal People picnic going to take place?

    "We've been looking for family events in Johnson County," said McGee, "and saw the pride event and thought, 'Wow, this would be wonderful for our daughter, and we would be able to hang out with other families that are like us."

    Their daughter is soon to be fucked for life. She will be raised to be against normal hetrosexual relationships. How did these two queers who say they are a family conceive a child? Not naturally that's for sure.

    If two same sex couples want to be married and act like the deranged people they are there should be laws that say they can't raise any children within their freak house they call a home.

  3. Well, one of them had to spread her legs and get fucked by a real cock to get knocked up.

  4. ^^and yet with in-vitro fertilization, she didn't have to at all. Weird.

  5. And that isn't natural either sort of like you being a freak also. Weird

  6. ^^and yet it is. It really is. Weird.

  7. Strother Martin7/1/19, 8:33 AM

    You're not scared of the gays are you, Tony ? You're scared of someone, though aren't you, Tony. Censorship comes from fear. Who has frightened you into deleting comments containing researched facts, Tony ?


    Due to construction along 87th Street Parkway, attendees were forced to use Lickman Road or the rear entry!!!

  9. Apparently, the Golden Ghetto is growing increasingly tolerant and open to diverse communities

    Because that is where most of the LGBTQ are now growing up. Not in the city.

  10. ^^Ugh huh. Thanks gramps. Hey look...Matlock's on!!!!!


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