Kris Kobach Senate Run Already Starts Kansas Republican Cannibalization

It has been demonstrated time and time again that KRIS KOBACH IS BALLOT BOX POISON and not even intense support from Prez Trump can convince Sunflower State voters to give the guy a chance. Accordingly, this report might be harsh but it quotes a bevy of REPUBLICANS AGAINST KOBACH who denounce his losing far more than his policies. Take a peek:

Republicans torch Kobach for Senate run

Kris Kobach, the polarizing former Kansas secretary of state, launched a campaign for Senate on Monday - alarming Republicans who fear his candidacy could put the GOP-held open seat in jeopardy next fall. Kobach is the third Republican to announce a run for the seat held by Sen.


  1. Makes sense. Farmers need cheap, illegal labor.

  2. Byron Funkhouser7/9/19, 12:08 PM

    If Kobach wins the Republican Primary, the Democrats will pick up a seat in the Senate.

    If Moore wins the Republican Primary in Alabama, the Democrats will pick up a seat in the Senate.

    If Trump wins the Republican Primary, the Democrats will pick up another seat in the Senate (Vice President's vote.)

    Democrats obtain a majority in the Senate.

    The 2020 blue wave will be a clean sweep.

  3. Real Republican7/9/19, 12:22 PM

    No time for losers.

  4. Herr Fuckhouser talking out his ass again about local politics he knows nothing about.

  5. ^^^ technically, if he's running for Senate, that's national politics.

  6. ^^^^ technically it isn't till they are elected fool.

  7. I'm all in favor of torching Kkkobach.

  8. When did Tony become part of the Fake News Industry?

    Kris is ballot box poison???

    Kris ran for statewide office in 2010 and 2014 and won the SOS race by 20 points each time. He lost the governors race with both an independent and libertarian taking Republican votes. He's won 2 of 3 races.

    The only other high profile race Kobach ran was when he lost to Dennis Moore for the 3rd district congressional seat. The same seat that Phil Kline, Vince Snowbarger, Chuck Ahner, and Nick Jordon all ran for and lost. Hardly proof that Kobach was poison.

    Tony has some personal beef against him. He's been using that stupid glamour shot of Kobach forever in an attempt to ridicule him. We know what your bias is.


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