Tuesday, July 09, 2019

KCPD Ask Community For Cold Case Help

A glimpse of one of the many local homicide victims as this town's violent uptick spills across the metro and confounds surrounding cities without the resources to address complex murder investigations. Read more:

KCPD asking for tips on one-year anniversary of Harrisonville man's murder

Tuesday marks one year since the murder of a Harrisonville man in Kansas City, Missouri, and police are asking for tips to help solve his homicide.Derrick Harris, 36, was found dead in the backyard of a home near 17th Street in Lister Avenue on July 9, 2018.At the time, police had no suspect information and no motive available in Harris' death.Police and the TIPS Hotline are again asking for the public's help for tips related to Harris' murder.

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Anonymous said...

That lifestyle earns no friends, no comfort and no retribution. He was involved in dealing and using drugs. TIPS, no chance, the people in the know have no desire to speak to the police let alone snitch. And perhaps most unfortunately of all, the only people that will miss him are his immediate family or perhaps a naive soul or two that refused to acknowledge what homeboy did.