Thursday, July 18, 2019

Kansas Turnpike Powers Tesla Envy

Admittedly, electric cars are the future BUT they're also a status symbol for people who haven't cultivated any other interesting facet of their personality . . . OR those who struggle to escape the clutches of amateur urban planning.

And so, here's the moderate Kansas Granny Guv placating local egos and their new toys:

Electric car charging stations introduced at turnpike service areas

Electric vehicle drivers will be able to travel the entire 236-mile length of the Kansas Turnpike without ever having to exit to recharge their car's batteries, thanks to the addition of "fast-charging" stations at the Topeka, Lawrence and Towanda service areas.The announcement came during a news conference Wednesday morning at the turnpike's Topeka Service Area, located just east of the capital city along Interstate 70.Gov.


Ka-ching!!! said...

Oh, cool. Bet it's that "New GREED Deal" influence that's already making a dent in the $93 trillion+ the feds are supposed to be spending over the next ten years to curtail cow farts, and such. Yep, it's expensive to go "GREEN" in order to fight climate change that will possibly save the planet from the ten-year-away-doomsday. So, enjoy those fossil fuels, roomy SUVs, steaks, and milk shakes while you can.

Actually, relax, load the kids into your Hummer and head over to the Steak and Shake, or McDonald's. While the kids enjoy the indoor playplace, take a look at what Cortez and Chakrabarti are admitting what that "Deal" they're pushing is really about.

Naional AOC's Chief Of Staff Admits The Green New Deal Is Not About Climate Change, by Jack Crowe, 07/12/2019

Anonymous said...

Often wondered if the state of Kansas would cut a fraction of the money that they spend on their highways what shape would School spending be in..

Anonymous said...

Will they also have a teller cage where EV drivers can pay for their share of road maintenance? The rest of us pay whenever we buy gas. Surely the EV owners, socially responsible as they are, will want to contribute to that worthy cause!