Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts Poo-Poos Kobach

E-mail quote from the newspaper but here's a better round-up:

Why Republicans are going after Kansas’ Kobach with a vengeance

Meanwhile, Democratic Party denizens are hoping that louder, angrier voices in Kansas win out and put this politico back in front of reluctant Sunflower State voters. Read more:

Roberts says Kobach has "very difficult" path to Senate; Pompeo the favorite if he runs

Kris Kobach announces his candidacy for U.S. Senate at the Riverfront Community Center in Leavenworth on Monday, July 8, 2019. Sen. Pat Roberts won't make an endorsement in the GOP primary race to replace him, but that doesn't mean Kansas' longest-serving federal officeholder will remain silent about the crowded field.


Super Dave said...

Silly ass Kobach needs to find a new career.

Anonymous said...

He tried, but the people who gave him money to "build the Wall" stopped giving him money when he didn't build it.

Guess there just aren't enough members of the "Church Of Kris" who have anything left out of their welfare checks.

Anonymous said...

Please baby Jesus let Kobach be the Republican nominee.

Jim said...

I’m as Republican as they get, but he’s not a good politician. Trump needs to put him on the Federal Appeals Court.

Anonymous said...

Support Trump and his agenda. Get behind Kobach. We can't settle for another RINO.

Anonymous said...

Of course by RINO you mean a life-long Democrat who switched Parties in 2015 because he didn't stand a chance of getting a nomination where he was, and saw how disorganized the GOP had become?

Nah, you couldn't mean him! Right?

Anonymous said...

5:44 nails it. The guy ran a horrible campaign and lost! The only hope he'd have is if he hired Jeff Roe and Axiom. But then the race would still be in Kansas and those Jayhawkers are an inherently STUPID people.