Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Kansas Politico Cool With Kids In Cages

Slice of life and a glimpse of the Sunflower State political status quo wherein a somewhat local suit argues for babies in jail whilst "Conservatives" still talk about their opposition to "big government" as something other than a punch line. Take a look:

Kansas GOP Congressman Pleased with Treatment of Migrants

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - A Kansas Republican congressman said after a recent trip to Texas that he is pleased with the quality of medical attention and housing for migrants held in federal facilities at the southern border.


Anonymous said...

"It's ironic that Democrats' theatrics and screaming at Border Patrol agents comes after their refusal to properly fund the border the last 2 and a half years. And remember — just 6 months ago the Democrats dismissed this as a 'manufactured crisis,'" Marshall said.

There Herr Fuckhouser, caught you in another lie.

Anonymous said...

^^What's it like to be old and lonely?

Anonymous said...

BlieROB's being broke and stupid must suck schwetty balls!

Anonymous said...

^^Have no idea since I am neither of those. But you must be since you claim to know so much about it.

Dumbocrat mofos are manufacturing FUBAR photo-ops fakery! said...

Fukabuncha fake news and devious Democrims' pandering politics!

If it's so horrible in the fed facilities for these mistreated meegrunts, then why aren't they climbing over the fences and running real fast back to the shitholes they left?! Nuff said!

Byron Funkhouser said...

I have no idea what you morons are talking about.

Do you?

You didn't catch me "in another lie". What nonsense, from a "man" who wants me to believe his mother named him anonymous after his father.

The crises was manufactured because you don't have to put children in cages. Only God fearing, family values, evangelical christians could be so inhumane.

Anonymous said...

I mean damn, funkytown. Are you literally that stupid or are you just trolling? Unfortunately for everyone I think its the former, and more so, you represent the 99.9% of the democrat prog party.

Anonymous said...

Herr Fuckhouser forgets the days his relatives gassed those kids before shoving them into ovens to be burned.

Yes 2:54 he is both of those things along with the pathological liar issue.