Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Kansas Mourns Mental Health Worker Suicide

A horrific reminder that self-care should be primary concern for those who selflessly treat others . . . Check an up-close & personal story of the mental health crisis in this nation growing worse and with fewer people and funds to confront a growing problem. Take a look:

Kan. governor responds to death of state mental health advocate

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly Tuesday issued a statement regarding the death of "a longtime advocate for the mental health community in (the state.)" Kelly's office says Eric Harkness died by suicide this past weekend. "I'm deeply saddened to hear of Eric's passing. He was a tireless advocate for the Kansas mental health community," a statement from Kelly says.

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Anonymous said...

Kansas better get their shit together, When someone like this guy ends his life its because he found out the truth about Kansas Government. Rest in Peace Eric. I wish you wouldnt have taken your life for those morons, we have 50 some states, and while they are all corrupt in one form or another, some are better than others, so sad that politics drive people to end their life, but its what its coming too!! Suicide rates in this country will soon surpass homicide rates.