Kansas Earns Top 'Dangerous' Ranking

This quickie appraisal isn't just about violence but also considers standard of living and workplace safety issues that impact residents as much or even more than social justice struggles.


"Those safety and preparedness indicators included the number of mass shootings, number of murders, the unemployment rate, identity theft complaints, number of DUIs, road quality, workplace injuries and illnesses and number of climate disasters causing $1 billion or more in damage.">

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Study: Kansas ranked 11th most dangerous state in the US

In a recent WalletHub study, Kansas ranked 39th in the list of safest states in the country. WalletHub said it compared all 50 states across Personal & Residential Safety, Financial Safety, Road Safety, Workplace Safety and Emergency Preparedness.


  1. It's all Brownback Kkkobach Susan Wagle and Jim Dennings fault.

  2. Nah, @9:35 - somebody somewhere in Kansas will find a way to blame Obama.

  3. No NAACP warning! We good, y'all!

  4. Why isn't the story on those states listed in the bottom 10....like MISSOURI, ARKANSAS, OKLAHOMA etc? Why you gotta pick on Kansas? Haters gotta Hate!

  5. Shit survey, for sure!7/6/19, 2:30 PM

    WTF foolish mess is this? Minnesota is listed as SAFEST in 2019, 3rd safest in 2018, and 5th safest in 2017. Oh right, they mean FAR away from those violent, anti-American, sibling marrying muzzies. Omar and her Barry buds, especially the baddies in the no-go zones around Minneapolis, have made them unsafe for decent people.


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