Friday, July 12, 2019

Kansas Docs Now Confront Lawsuit Lottery

Really fascinating report that reminds us doctors do, in fact, make mistakes and now the price of horrific errors is justifiably higher.

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Kansas Patients Can Now Win Big in Doctor Malpractice Suits

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Brenda Lundeen went in for routine surgery to relieve heavy periods. What the Overland Park mom and grade school teacher got was a nightmare, as a medical mistake caused 194-degree water to pour through a hole in her uterus and scald her insides.


Anonymous said...

It is the lawyers (plaintiff and defense) and insurance agent full employment act.

Anonymous said...

Plaintiff attorneys were just avoiding complex med-mal cases in KS because of the caps. Is it really worth a measly 40% of $500k to take on a contingency case? Since these cases don't go to trial and involve minimal discovery and several settlement conferences - it's telling that $300k isn't enough $$$ for minimal work. They want the big paychecks. They want Jackson County, MO $$$. Never mind that these costs are passed along to the consumer and everyone else pays for it...

Just about everyone dislikes lawyers, until....theirs wins against one! You thought I was going to say....until you need one. said...

1.First, select a good lawyer.

2.The only good attorney is a winning attorney.

^See. I didn't say anything about shooting anyone. And, didn't denigrate jurists.