Monday, July 22, 2019

Kansas Confronts LGBT NextGen Crisis

Local authorities aren't ready to confront the increasing number of youngsters who identify as LGBT denizens . . . Here's a look at a preview of the future debate:

In Kansas child welfare system, concerns churn over sexuality, gender

For Pam Cornwell, it is difficult not to listen to children who struggle with sexual and gender identity.They need support, she says, and the risk is troubling. LGBTQ children are much more likely to become depressed, and the number of youth suicides in Kansas is growing.As a family therapist with St.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but queers have no business raising kids, they themselves have a behavioral problem. If they want kids they need to produce their own, and that is impossible now isn't it?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Sounds like your own personal problem.

Anonymous said...

God we need a bigger closet.