Kansas City Tuesday Night Weekly Report

For our late night lurkers, denizens and all manner of insomniacs. Here's a glimpse at KCMO as seen through the lens of 12th & Oak with more than a smattering of hype, propaganda and pleasantries for all. There's also a decent bit of info for those who are watching closely and not just using the video for background noise.

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. There are maybe two council members who won the June 18th election who haven't completely disappeared off the map. The rest of them are really quiet and not very available to their constituents. Typically, Summer is the busiest time for 311 and so many other city services but Council is mostly on vacation, not taking meetings and not being very responsive at all. I hope there's more information about contacting your representatives in the video because most of them aren't doing much on social media or answering their phone messages.

  2. Everybody is entitled to a break. I'd rather have the council out of office than passing one expensive commitment on top of the other. They do less harm when they're on vacation. Glad that a few of them won't be coming back to give away more freebies to their friends.

  3. Looks who crawled out of his boyfriends arse, it’s gopher boi!

    And if we’re lucky it’ll be the last time we see his sorry butt!

  4. ^^^ OUCH.

  5. Byron gets his welfare check today. Maybe now he will temporarily quit being so hateful, at least until he runs out of money two weeks from now.

  6. ^^you mean sorta like you with your Social Security check???

    1. No. Sorta like your allowance. At least get a job at McDonalds, lickbag.

  7. "Crooks, liars, and thieves are all we have left and they all endorse each other, (birds of a feather flock together) sadly there are no knights in shiny armor to save us anymore."

    Someone here made this comment last year. Pretty good summary.

  8. ^^ha ha ha. You got knocked the fuck out and now you're butt-hurt! Ha ha ha!

  9. 7:36 Punk got knocked the fuck out as usual.

  10. ^^and yet it was YOU who got knocked out. Weird.


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