Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Kansas City Tuesday Early News Look

A quick peek at Victoria's Secret entangled in a criminal and political drama that may impact its finances and pop culture influence. Checkit:

Fox Biz: L Brands CEO Les Wexner says he was unaware of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex trafficking activity

The Cut: I Think About This a Lot: The Time Bob Dylan Starred in a Victoria’s Secret Ad

CNN: Time may be running out for Victoria's Secret

Closer to home, here are the news links we're watching this morning . . .

Sharing Hope And/Or Hype For Mayor-Elect Quinton Lucas

KC's 3rd District will have bigger voice at City Hall

"Now the mayor-elect becomes the first person from the 3rd District to ever serve as the mayor of this city," City Councilman Jermaine Reed said.

Home Team Net Benefit

Line drive danger with foul balls at baseball games

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - One of the thrills of sitting in the front row is catching a foul ball, but if you're not ready for a hard hit, it's a hazard. Fans at Kauffman have adapted to the nets the team put up three years ago.

Arrowhead Cleanup For Profit

Sale of old Arrowhead Stadium seats could net county more than $266,000

Jackson County announced Monday that it has awarded a contract to a company for repurposing and selling the old seats from Arrowhead Stadium.Schneider Industries, in partnership with S&S Seating, Inc., or the SI Team, will handle the sale.Under the proposed agreement, Schneider Industries will provide the county with an upfront payment of $75,000, which will cover the county's costs for the storage and moving of seats.

Kansas City Horse Advocates Confront 'Kill Buyer" Market

Advocacy group that works to save horses from slaughter being thwarted by surprising foe

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- They were family pets and once race-worthy thoroughbreds and work horses. But now the horses are being sold at auction, and their future is anything but bright, equine advocate Shelly Dunn told FOX4. Most horses that end up at auction are being bought by what is known in the industry as "kill buyers," according to Dunn.

Happy Rock Good Deeds Report

Good Samaritan helps 94-year-old Gladstone man that was attacked

GLADSTONE, MO (KCTV) -- A 94-year-old Gladstone veteran is battling major injuries in the hospital after police said he was assaulted over the weekend. The folks around town know him as Charlie, and at 94 years old, they say that age is just a number.

Goodies For Glory Days Trivia

Kansas City Chiefs fans can win season tickets by voting for greatest moment in franchise history

As part of NFL100, the Kansas City Chiefs are giving fans the opportunity to win season tickets for 2019 by participating in the Greatest Moment Sweepstakes.Chiefs fans are encouraged to visit www.chiefs.com/greatestmoments/ to vote on one of four videos as the greatest moment in franchise history.

Winning At The Empty K

Junis strikes out ten White Sox, leading the Royals to a 5-2 win.

On the heels of their first series win of the second half, the Royals welcomed another divisional rival in the Chicago White Sox. Fueled by a strong outing from Jakob Junis, Kansas City dodged a late rally and came out victorious, 5-2.

Rita Ora - New Look is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


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Anonymous said...

Uhhh… @ 5:48, google "airbrushing".

Anonymous said...

And, 5:48, take a look again. So, what you thought were Killa Shitty's fat disgusting dykes, were this cowtown's BUBBLE-BUTT/BEER-GUT/UNGROOMED guys!!!

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Anonymous said...

!6,000 is not empty. For a nearly last place team on a Monday night playing another crappy team, it's actually a decent crowd. Troll better Tony.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell would pay up to 80 bucks for a old Arrowhead seat that people have farted in, threw up in, spilled shit in??? If The Cheifs had won a superbowl while those seats had been in place mabey they could get 10 bucks a seat, but Jackson Co, thinking morons will spend that kind of money on used plastic seat, is just rediculious, just as rediculious as their tax assessments this year. Jackson County and KCMO is the biggest joke Missouri has to offer!!!