Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Kansas City Trailer Trash Blame Game

Real life glimpse tonight as neighbors outside of the loop endure constant trouble with trash . . . Actually, a citywide problem that rarely, with a few exceptions, earns the attention of high-profile politicos who would rather pursue more glamorous work.

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Residents say pace of changes slow at slum-like trailer park


Anonymous said...

Mobile homes are the most affordable housing in KC but obviously don't merit a lot of attention from 311. Keep waiting on hold.

Aushue said...

^^^ Looks nicer than some of the dumps I've seen downtown. Probably cheaper too and doesn't require city hall funding.

Anonymous said...

The problem is mobile homes don’t have deeds and they don’t own the land they are parked on, they’re more relatable to cars because they have titles instead. The popo should be writing tickets instead.

Anonymous said...

People don't realize it but trailer parks have mostly been bought up by giant corporations whose headquarters is 1500 miles away and the owners couldn't care less. They aren't going to invest a dime of their own money and have teams of lawyers to battle any municipalitythat dares complain to them about conditions. The residents have it worse.