Thursday, July 11, 2019

Kansas City Thursday News Link Pool

The pop culture premise: "Model actress Liz Hurley, 54, drove fans wild by sharing a seriously sexy bikini shot on Instagram." And a quick newsie roundup on related topics:

MirrorUK: Elizabeth Hurley oozes Bond girl glamour as she smoulders in white bikini

WebMD: Older Women Having Less Sex for Many Reasons

BBC: Leg fat 'better than belly fat' for older women

Closer to home, here are some of the better news links worth checking today:

Sloppy Kansas City Highway Makes National News

A truck spilled pig guts all over a Kansas City interstate, and commuters were told to find an 'alternative snout'

But it was the smell, people said, that was the real problem.

More Cowtown Coworker Space

WeWork opening second coworking location in downtown Lightwell building

WeWork will continue to shine a light on entrepreneurs in Kansas City with a second location inside the newly named Lightwell building downtown. "Since opening our first location here nearly two years ago in the Crossroads at Corrigan Station, WeWork in Kansas City has been bustling with entrepreneurs and high-growth businesses," said WeWork's Kansas City community director Erik Wullschleger.

Hope For KC Hoopz Solution

Mayor's Night Hoops helps keeps kids out of trouble in KCMO

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - From man-to-man defense, to man-to-man training, a summer program in Kansas City, Missouri, is working to show teenage boys how to give their all on the hardwood and in life. Mayor's Night Hoops offers the ultimate assist and has very little to do with action on the court, which serves more like a classroom.

Kansas City Westside Tagged

Westside residents upset after vandals spray paint over Cesar Chavez mural

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Westside residents are upset after someone vandalized a a pair of treasured community murals, one of which features the face of labor leader Cesar Chavez. The Westside Community Action Network Center posted on Facebook this afternoon that the murals, located at 23rd and Jarboe and 17th and Washington, had been desecrated with spray paint.

Kansas City Brotherly Love
Kansas City man hopes trek across Appalachian Trail will raise money for local autism center
Local Booze News Promo

First Look at J. Rieger & Co.'s New Distillery

It's Taken Over The Heim Brewery Bottling Facility J. Rieger & Co. - a distillery founded in 1887 - is growing. Founders Andy Rieger and Ryan Maybee revived the whiskey company five years ago after a near-century hiatus.

Hottie Comeback

Kansas City warms back up Friday

The forecast calls for mostly clear and pleasant Thursday evening with the low 65 degrees. With low humidity, it will be a great night to sit outside and enjoy....

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Anonymous said...

There'll be a chitlin' shortage in the core for a while. Maybe it won't smell so bad then.

Anonymous said...

Cesar Chavez was hard line against illegal immigrants and lobbied the government to tighten border security. Maybe that's why his mural was tagged. Or maybe it's because taggers tag everything that's taggable, without exception, and only the Hispanics think it's all about them.

The Old Fool said...

Damn funny but here at the nursing home where some of you commenters think a bunch of us live sex is still good and happening. Now I don't know what's wrong with them british women but the women around here can't get enough of it. Our only issue is staff telling us all the time to stop doing it but I tell them to shut up. The overweight CNA's probably just pissed they ain't getting any.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a case of revenge from Jackson County to me.

Maybe Frankie boy sent his people over to tag the mural because they embarrassed his dumb ass over the property tax fiasco???

Anonymous said...

Night hoops? Don’t they have riots and shootings there every year?

Byron Funkhouser said...

Not long ago, an Iraqi Vet thought he would walk the trail to decompress. He was killed. A woman wandered off the trail & could not find her way back, later her body was discovered. She had died of exposure.

Unless you're very fit, & have had some basic survival training, you should leave the mountains to the mountain men.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^And you should leave the talking to the adults who support your ass stupid.

colombo said...

the tag on virgin mary says esl, east side locos,,,,why the fuck would these braindead cholos cross out a hero to mexicans? theyre not sending their best folks