Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Kansas City 'Thee Outpost' Hipster Coffee Comeback Debuts In The Crossroads

A bit of foodie content we want to share is almost as finely crafted as the precious barista creations featured by the founders of a surprisingly resilient cowtown java effort.

There is no question these dudes are extremely dedicated to the Kansas City coffee game as they make a somewhat triumphant return with another horribly named shop.

TKC Fun Fact . . . A long time ago when we first blogged about this endeavor, one of you d-bags wrote: "Thou Mayest lick my balls" and I literally spilled Dr. Pepper on my keyboard from laughing so much.

And so we encourage our reader community to stop taking everything so seriously and go grab a FAR TOO EXPENSIVE CUP from this outfit . . .

Bo Nelson of Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters Opens Thee Outpost in East Crossroads Collective Ex Space

Bo Nelson is celebrating the 5-year anniversary for his coffee roasting company, Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters, by opening a brand-new coffee shop, Thee Outpost, today in the East Crossroads. The 2,000-square-foot coffee shop located, which shares a space with Collective EX, will offer Thou Mayest coffees, teas and kombucha in addition to a selection of pastries, including some gluten-free baked goods.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't the "East Crossroads" the western edge of the "18th & Vine Money Pit"?

Is Nelson hoping a few hundred thousand bucks will fall out of the dumptrucks on their way to pour taxpayer's money into that "Black Hole"?