Kansas City Tax Fighters Contradict Your Mama Senator Kamala On School Busing

One of the richest candidates running for Prez picked up momentum by ambushing some old school dude on a debate from long, long ago but right now our favorite number crunchers share a perspective on the not so good old days of social engineering youngsters in order to meet arbitrary quotas.

Check it:

Don't Be Nostalgic for A Failed Policy

There are a lot of policies that seem like a good idea, but aren't. Busing low-income children of color to schools far away from their home in order to expose them to more middle-class white children is one such idea.


  1. "Busing".

    Another in the endless list of Pie In The Sky Progressive ideas that failed spectacularly from the very start.

    It probably failed because of "Climate Change".

    HANDS UP!!!! DON'T BUS!!!!

    It's impossible, at this point, to get your mind wrapped around the abject failure of Venezuelan, Progressive, Fascist Failure for the last 75 years here in America, where, for some reason, idiots keep voting for the same liars that promise the same Utopian outcomes that never work.

    "Free" this, "Free" that...

    The newest twist on this now, age old attempt at a Kleptocratic/Plutocratic takeover, is the addition of silencing the opposition, by way of Fascist violence and de-platforming the opposition.

    Kamala Harris is an oleaginous, predictable, Big Government Fascist that is in hot pursuit of your power, your money and your family's future.

    "I was that little girl".

    What a load of shit.

    She and Booker were both privileged kids who grew up with money and position in families with access to great schools and lived in great neighborhoods.

    Fuckin liars.

  2. I'm no fan of Kamala Harris. See https://reason.com/2019/06/03/kamala-harris-is-a-cop-who-wants-to-be-president/

    But isn't it a bit early for Chuck to be hitting the bottle?

  3. I grew up I the Southeast neighborhood in the 1960s, and black children were bused in to our junior high and high school. Many white families fled the district for Shawnee Mission, Lee's Summit and surrounding segregated neighborhoods. I went to school with lots of black kids who became life-long friends, and who got a better education and better life because they rode the bus away from crowded, inadequate schools. Busing worked back then. But bigotry and segregation are stubborn things to get beyond. They don't just linger, but flourish today. How the Democratic candidates confront this fact and offer a path forward should guide us in picking our next president.

  4. Kamala Harris?

    Oh, that's right. That's the tramp who became Willie Brown's concubine so the corrupt old man would advance her career.

    #metoo unless it works out for ya. Girl gots to do what a girl gots to do!

  5. I encourage Kamala Harris and all the Democratic Party candidates for President to adopt busing as a key campaign issue.

    Reparations too! But first ask her whether she would receive or pay same?


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