Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Kansas City Talk Legend Darla Jaye Endures

She helped this blog immensely in our first few years and she's an inspiration to a lot of people . . . We lost touch after she moved to help her mom but this note reminds that this lady is truly wonderful and one of the best political denizens this town has ever known.

Just a bit of good news to start the day for early morning readers who haven't seen this one yet . . .

Former KC radio host was so excited she beat cancer, she broke the ‘cancer-free’ bell


When Darla Jaye, a former Kansas City talk radio host, rang the "cancer free" bell on her last day of treatment, she was bursting with joy -- and proved just how strong she is now.

Jaye rang the bell at Harris Health System in Houston, Texas, so forcefully, the clapper flew right off.

"I couldn't even fathom being done, I was so overwhelmed yesterday," she told CNN. "Guess I didn't know how strong I was!"

Jaye said she was first diagnosed with breast cancer in February. She said she had a fast-growing tumor, and thought she was going to have to have chemotherapy. She ended up being treated with 30 radiation treatments, and yesterday was the last one.