Kansas City Sunday Singalong

Quick glimpse at worthwhile promo music video clip extolling the virtues of this town by a few fans and pop star hopefuls.


  1. It's a happy gay tune!

    I like the sharp video capture, but what was that thing on his head?

  2. Welcome to KC? When most people are trying to get the hell out? I can't imagine anyone coming here to live and/or raise a family. Trot to the other side of the state line and stay there if you want to be safe. KC is rotten to the core.

  3. Poor kid. Probably moved here from Hooterville and thinks he’s living in a mega metropolis sort of like Gopher KC and that other gay that promotes the trolley even though all the people in the video look like they’re headed to the state fair to ride the tilt a whirl and see the livestock. Of course the minute Jr gets mugged or carjacked he’ll be setting up a Go Fund Me to get him back home to Hooterville.


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